Health + beauty products  to help you look good and feel even better. 

You deserve the good stuff.

Clean living often sounds BORING. It sounds like you have to give up looking fabulous or forget about ever having a meal that actually tastes good.  It doesn’t have to be this way. 

You can have the pretty packaging, the top shelf bottle of wine, the freedom to create the life YOU want to live with a purpose that fulfills you...all while you’re chasing your toddlers or hustling out the door to work. You can have it all.

All the products I’ve tried feel light and fresh and make me feel beautiful.

I love using Beautycounter products because I know they are made clean and I feel good about what I’m using on my skin.

- Heather

I'm a hair and makeup artist turned clean and healthy living business owner. When my daughter Jaxlee was born with Cerebral Palsy, everything changed-- for the better. 

Go green without the headache.

Learn what to ditch and what to keep so that you and your family can rid the toxins from your home.

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