I’m a product junkie turned healthy living enthusiast. What began as a fun hobby in college turned into a thriving hair and makeup business for over 350 weddings and supported my husband and his dream of becoming a fireman. We each hustled for years to get to where we are now: Jonny's dream career as fireman and me my dream job as an entrepreneur. 

About Emily

But then I had my daughter Jaxlee and everything I understood about products changed, and so did I. 

My husband Jonny and I were the picture of health when we had our first daughter. We ate well, worked out, and had zero health issues. Our daughter Jaxlee was born with Cerebral Palsy. She struggles in ways we had never experienced, but she is a warrior. In those early newborn days where I left her in the NICU instead of snuggling with her at home, something inside of me changed for good. I started looking at everything we consumed, purchased, or lived in with a critical mama bear eye. If she was going to struggle to do basic things like walk, then I was going to do everything in my power to make that process easier. 

Five years and another baby girl later, we are a healthy, clean living family.

What once was something we tried out here and there is now a lifestyle. Now that we have our sweet girl Braelynn, born in February 2019, we are pros at everything from essential oils to nontoxic nail polish. And of course, Beautycounter products. 

The more I learned about how to live a healthy lifestyle for my daughter’s long term health and ability, I understood how those fine print details on the back of a box MATTER. They tell you not just how many calories are in your cereal or what ingredients are in your lotion, but they are warning signs about your health, masked in pretty packaging.  

When I learned about the lack of regulation in the cosmetic industry and all the different harmful ingredients in common everyday products I was done. I knew I had to make a change for our family. This is when I decided to become not just a consumer of clean products, but an advocate. I partnered with Beautycounter, a company committed to getting safer products into the hands of everyone while lobbying for legislative change. They are a B Corp, which puts them in the same business for good category as Patagonia and Apolis. (Learn more about that here.)

Enter Beautycounter

the story behind my business.

ready to work together?

This changed everything- for me, my family, and my team. 

I’m an active player in a business driving significant change in an industry that has operated in one lane. Being a part of Beautycounter means I help provide healthy, nontoxic beauty products, and I get to be part of the legislative shifts for our country. 

Beautycounter is SO much more than makeup. They create products for the whole family; from your baby’s bodywash, to your bronzer, to your husband’s skin care routine. Beautycounter makes it possible for you to shop for you and your family.

So yeah, this is not a hobby.

This side hustle is my business, and it’s tied to my beliefs and practices. Our family gets to live a different lifestyle not just because of the products themselves, but the opportunities for growth I’ve had in this company. 

This is not your mom's tupperware party side hustle.

Why not earn an income you’re proud of for a business you believe in?