It’s time to give your HMU side hustle a luxury-level updo upgrade.

...and turn your “weekend hobby” into a dream bridal hair and makeup career.

Create a demand for your bridal hair and makeup business with luxury-level clients, top-shelf vendors, and a schedule that fits your lifestyle, not the other way around.

Wondering where the next bride is going to come from

Losing track of DMs and text messages from potential clients

Being afraid to raise your prices — or make what you want to make

Feeling unsure of yourself when talking to brides

Second guessing your own abilities when your family members give you that “are you sure” look every time you talk about your “little hobby”

Your side-swept boho look is being side-swiped by:

The flaky clients, the pricing guessing game, and the massive amounts of imposter complex leave you wondering if you can ever quit your 9-5.


A guided online course to help you go from hair and makeup side hustler to booked-out business owner — from a seasoned bridal hair and makeup artist.

A comprehensive guide to building a successful wedding hair and makeup business

The Bridal Beauty Business Blueprint

PRACTICAL STRATEGIES to build a portfolio by tapping into your existing community 

PROVEN METHODS to connect with wedding vendors and get more work

DONE FOR YOU templates to stay connected with brides so they give you cult-worthy testimonials

Take a          inside the course caboodle


PRICING HELP to go from beginner to luxe level — with my Bridal HMUA Pricing Calculator!

TECH GUIDANCE to set up systems and processes so you look (and feel) like a top-shelf professional with your clients

All within:

6 video trainings with exact wording to market and grow your services

2 bonus lessons to create repeatable systems and processes 

A 40-page workbook to guide you through each lesson

An exclusive pricing calculator so you can map out (and increase) your income

Done-for-you email and text templates you can use to land clients and grow your network

A private Kajabi community of like-minded bridal HMUAs

Monthly LIVE Q+A with Emily to get your most current question answered


You'll gain:

SECRETS BEHIND A LUXE PROCESS so that brides don’t (ever) question your prices or your method

EASY UPSELLING TIPS so you can make the most out of the client experience

THE INSIDE SCOOP on bridal hair and makeup packages (and contracts!) that serve brides well — and increase rates

The timeless look you give your brides? 

The Bridal Beauty Business Blueprint can give your business the same lasting effect.


I have to say, learning from Emily has been an absolute game-changer for my bridal hair and makeup business. Her client service skills are unmatched - from her templates to her in-person communication, she really knows how to make clients feel valued and excited for their big day. And it shows in the referrals I've been getting! But it's not just about client service - Emily's email templates have seriously upped my game. I've been getting so many positive responses from clients who love my vibe and excitement - little do they know, it's all thanks to Emily's guidance! With her help, I've been able to increase my booking rates and take my business to the next level.

“Learning from Emily has been an absolute game-changer for my bridal hair and makeup business.”

How to price — and raise — your services

How to set up systems so you look and feel like the boss you really are


Lesson 1: Build your portfolio so you serve luxe clients

Lesson 2: Grow your business with top-shelf vendors

Lesson 3: Snag the best reviews and build your obsession-worthy authority

Lesson 4: Create a premium experience so you intentionally serve brides (and create fans for life)

Lesson 5: Stack your services so you can upsell to clients with ease

Lesson 6: Market your services with confidence

The lessons include:

With the Bridal Beauty Business Blueprint, you’ll learn exactly how to level up your services so that you become an in-demand bridal hair and makeup artist.

recent raves

Fifteen years ago, I was a self-taught hair and makeup artist, trying my hand at air-brushed makeup and taking on friends as clients just to build my portfolio.

I didn’t start with “Best in the biz” results

I hustled on the weekends, meeting the right vendors, and pouring 110% into my clients and their experience. I won some awards but better than that, I earned industry credibility that has sustained my business for years. Now, I book out my entire wedding calendar with a fraction of the hustle I did at the beginning. Because I gave — and still give — everything to my brides, the work has never been
lacking. Whether I worked 60 weddings to pay off student loans and support my husband’s career, or limited my weddings so that I could be with my 3 kids more — the foundation I built allowed my business to grow with me in every season.

But you know, deep inside, that your passion can be profitable.

  • You’re posting on social media here and there, but because you’re afraid to own this as your business, it looks more like a lifestyle feed than a Bridal Beauty Business

  • You’ve had some training (or you learn by doing), but you are relying on your day job for income

  • You’re feeling defeated because the adults in your life question whether or not you can *actually* make this a career

You’re hungry to grind in order to build your biz, but you’re too busy saying yes to every client and juggling your 9-5

and you?

Take a peek inside the course:

I want my brides to look and feel like the best they’ve ever felt, and watching YouTube tutorials and learning new trends are huge components. But since starting my HMU business 15 years ago, I’ve prioritized business growth as much as skill growth. That business focus is what I want for YOU.

Don’t worry, I get it. I’m a product junkie who can’t get enough of the best clean and high-performing products for my hair and makeup business.

It’s time you invested not just in the right products, but the right process

Every month, I’ll offer a LIVE 1-hr Q+A to help you problem solve, discuss new trends, and help you move the needle in your bridal beauty biz — alongside a group of hungry, passionate friends in the industry.

How much access do I get to you?

You can watch (and re-watch!) these courses while you do your makeup for the day, or even to get you pumped up while you’re heading to a makeup trial. They are pre-recorded so you can watch whenever you want.

Will there be live courses?

Both, babe! My special sauce is bridal hair AND makeup, but I can help you level up either — or both!

Is this for Hair or Makeup artists?

This beauty box has no expiration date. You have lifetime access to this course and any future updates!

How long will I have access to the course?

I want to give my students the attention they deserve, which is why I will offer this 2 times a year.

When is the next time you’re offering this program?

As soon as you purchase, you’ll get an email confirmation with all the details.

When can I start taking the course?

Perfect! This course is designed to help you launch or scale your wedding hair OR makeup business, even if you only have a few shoots in your portfolio!

What if I’ve only had a few HMU clients?

Yes! You can pay $297 upfront or 3 payments of $117.

Do you offer a payment plan?

But first, let’s discuss.

Frequently Asked Questions


Emily was kind and outgoing with her brides and helped everyone in the room feel at ease. Her comforting demeanor and reassuring words made all the difference when things didn't go as planned. I have learned just so much from her already, about how to make a strong presence and be there for brides. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn and grow in the bridal industry!

“I have learned just so much from her!”

If you complete all the course content, implement the strategies, and don’t book a bride in 60 days, I’ll refund you 100%. Your glam squad is in it to win it!

I believe in the content I’ve created for you so much.

The Book-A-Bride Guarantee

It’s time you ran a business, not a hobby.

Yes, babe. Your dream career is just around the corner.

It's time to build & expand your bridal beauty business.

Yes, babe. Your dream gig is just around the corner. 

The contour your makeup and hair business needs

✔️ 6 video trainings
✔️ 2 bonus lessons 
✔️ 40-page workbook 
✔️ An exclusive pricing calculator 
✔️ Done-for-you email and text templates 
✔️ A private Kajabi community 
✔️ Monthly LIVE Q+A with Emily

A comprehensive guide to building a successful wedding hair and makeup business

The Bridal Beauty Business Blueprint


*Every purchase includes lifetime access*

Invest in your            


After you complete the Bridal Beauty Business Blueprint, 
you’ll confidently:

Curate a portfolio that naturally attracts luxury clients, setting you apart as the crème de la crème in the bridal industry.

Discover the secrets to partnering with elite vendors, ensuring your business aligns with the very best in the game.

Learn proven strategies to garner glowing reviews, positioning you as the go-to authority every bride wants. 

Master the art of creating an exclusive bridal experience that doesn't just satisfy, but delights—turning brides into lifetime fans and ambassadors.

Uncover the art of service stacking, allowing you to maximize every booking by offering irresistible add-ons effortlessly.

Dive deep into marketing tactics tailored for bridal HMU artists, so you always put your best foot forward with unwavering confidence.


Not only set but also confidently increase your rates, ensuring your skills are rewarded justly, every single time.

Implement robust systems that manage your workflow seamlessly, letting you truly own and feel that boss-lady aura.

showcase your talent

Elevate your network

Become A raved-about bridal hmua

deliver upforgettable experiences

upsell like a pro: 

promote with confidence

master the pricing game

streamline systems

get the blueprint

Be the luxe hair or makeup artist every bride and vendor  wants to tag in their photos