How to prep for postpartum hair

If you’re pregnant or you’ve been pregnant, you know that one of the HUGE perks is having amazing hair during those 9 months. It’s thick and soft and flowing like you’re in a Pantene commercial. And then? It all falls out.

While I do think there is an element to postpartum hair loss that we can’t do much about, I have been actively trying to prepare myself for the inevitable hair loss that always comes after I have babies. There is an element I just have to accept, but there are a few practices and strategies I’m trying this time around to help me hold onto as many strands as possible.

I’m of course very conscientious of the toxins in hair products, but the reality is, there aren’t many green/clean options on the market for hair. And since I’m a brunette who likes to be a blonde (i.e. uses bleach), I’ve got to be extra committed to keeping my hair healthy.

Here are a few ways I’m preparing for postpartum hair loss:

  • I do an oil treatment at least 1-2x a week with the Monat Rejuvenique oil focusing on the top and sides of my head where my hair falls out the most. 
  • After I wash my hair, I spray the Intense Repair Treatment in the same location (top and sides of my head) before I blow dry my hair. 
  • Before the baby came I was using Protiva Pregnancy Collagen and then switched to Protiva New Mom Collagen Protein once the baby was born. One of the beneficial factors of Collagen is promoting hair growth and radiant skin. 
  • Be gentle with your hair. I know, I know, you only have like 2 minutes to get ready, but I do my best to brush gently so that I don’t place too much traction on the hair follicles.
  • I use this silk pillowcase to make sure my hair isn’t pulled out at night. 
  • Staying on top of Innate Prenatal Vitamins as well as my encapsulated placenta to help regulate postpartum hormones. 

I am so happy to be holding Tripp in my arms—the hair loss is worth the reward. But moms still need to take care of themselves, and this is one way I can do that!



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