7 must-have car essentials for busy moms

Back to school for kids is usually synonymous with “lots of time in the car for mom.” AM I right?! After a full first week of school and driving everyday back and forth between Jaxlee’s therapy, there are a few items I just can’t live without.

I’m all about making life on the road easier and being prepared for just about anything (which is a joke because without a doubt there is always something I need that I don’t have). If you opened up my car, here are a few essentials you would find:

  1. Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer: I can literally put this on my face with my hands at the stop sign before I turn into the school parking lot. It gives me my moisturizer, SPF, and a little bit of tint! 
  1. TweezerMan Eyelash Curler: This tool is the difference between my lashes pointing down towards the floor or up to the sky. I prefer to look awake at all times, thankyouverymuch.
  1. Yeti Daytrip Lunch Bag: Every mom knows they need to have snacks on hand. With how stinking hot it is here, this lunch bag has been saving my life (and my cold items). 
  1. Hydro Flask– the 40 oz Big Mac Daddy: Between the scorching heat and breastfeeding, I need all the water I can get. Feels like I never have enough water on hand, but this Hydro Flask saves me (and keeps it COLD!).
  1. EO Deodorant Wipes: Let’s be honest, some mornings I’m moving so quickly (and trying to remember 42 things), I can’t remember if I put deodorant on. I carry these wipes for back up! #yourewelcome
  1. Beautycounter Lip Jellies: Between the vanilla scent and the buttery feel on my lips, I apply this lip gloss all day long for a moisturized polished lip. 
  1. Car Organizer Tote: I’m working on the “organized” portion of this product, but I fill this tote with diapers, wipes, and extra clothes for everyone—including myself. Tripp has made a reputation for sharing his bodily functions well, so this mama has to be R E A D Y.

So, until an ad on Instagram or one of you influences me on the next best car essential, this is what I’ve got goin’ on.

Tell me, what am I missing from the list?!



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