How to care for yourself as a mom during the holiday season

Hey moms, is a robe on your Christmas list again this year?

Oh man, gotta love this SNL skit. I just rewatched it for the first time since last Christmas and it had me laughing just as hard as the first time I saw it…. because it’s a little more accurate than I’d like to admit, especially the part when mom yells at the end. 

We do a lot everyday all year around, and during the holiday season our role as mom (and 501 other things) just compounds with the hustle and bustle of the season. 

Sure, I don’t think there is necessarily an answer to the pure exhaustion we feel by the end of the season, but I do think there are some tangible ways we can take care of ourselves throughout the season that will sustain us while allowing us to experience the joy of the season as it was intended. 

First, I suggest kicking off this holiday season by getting really clear about your priorities for the season. 

  • What do you want for your family? 
  • What do you want for your kids specifically? 
  • What are the traditions you want to maintain? 
  • What is the stuff from last year that was just too much that you promised yourself you would never do again? 

Then, based on your answers, make your plans.

In light of my robe-like experiencing of Christmas past, here’s how I am caring for myself this holiday season: 

  1. Simplifying 
    What are my favorite traditions? Asking my kids what their favorite traditions are or things they love most about the holiday season. If your kids are young like mine, maybe come up with a list of 5 fun holiday activities and let them choose 2 that they are most excited about. Less is more. 
  1. Taking care of your health
    There is never time for mama to get sick or be rundown so I am keeping up with my daily supplement routine to keep myself healthy and on top of my mental clarity game. I have recently found this company who offers products formulated with amazing pure ingredients and innovative
    – For your energy, use Q B12 Spray. It increases natural energy and endurance. Fits in your purse for on the go use. You can skip your afternoon coffee run with this stuff!
    – Overall health: Q Core covers overall comprehensive health (brain health, reduced inflammation, detox and digestion support).
    – Q Sleep Spray – natural sleeping aid, spray right in your mouth and then hit the streets.
    – For immune system support, try Armor Super Immunity Blend. Add to your milk of choice and make a quick coffee-free latte (hot or iced).
    – For your kids’ immune system use Kids Core supplement. You can put this powder in just about anything, but my kids also like it just mixed with water.
  2. Enlist help
    I often don’t think about asking for help until it’s too late. This year I am delegating things off my plate to make my load lighter. Like asking family members to help make and bring their “specialty dish” for the family meal and recruiting my husband to buy the gifts for each of our dads. I also keep a list of babysitters handy to help me get things done more efficiently. 
  3. Prioritize working out
    Exercise is easily the first to go when I get busy. This year I am sticking to my exercise routine and moving my body at least 3x a week. To read more about why this is a big deal for me, check out this blog
  1. Shopping + wrapping early
    If you ask my friends, they would tell you I fly by the seat of my pants. Which sometimes can be a good thing, but sometimes it can cause unnecessary stress aka when it’s the last day of school before Christmas break and you still don’t have gifts for all our people at school (and trust me when I say there are a lot of them). This year I have my list of those I am gifting with the items I want to gift them with. I am shopping early and crossing names off. I also have a date set aside on my calendar for the babysitter to come take my kids to the park while mama gets wrapping. (Insert gift guide blog?)
  2. Schedule yoruself a massage, facial or pedicure now.
    It will give you a much-needed retreat and something to look forward to after a busy day or week!
  3. Stay organized
    Sounds like a no-brainer right? With class parties and Secret Santa exchanges, I am writing everything down as the details come to me. Gone are the days I rely on my memory for all the details. I review our week every Sunday on our big family calendar that hangs on the pantry door so I can plan my days. I am scheduling things like Target pick ups and babysitters to help me juggle all the things.

A guiding question I ask myself anytime I’m hosting a party or planning an event is this: “Will __________(fill in the blank) make the experience more fun/memorable?” If the answer is “no” then I drop the idea or expectation. 

If you want to know more about how I’ve hit the reset button internally as well, check out my blog about what I learned about self-wellness



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