Overcoming Insecurities When Starting Your Hair And Or Makeup Business

Hey there, babe! If you’re new here, I’m Emily Barton, your luxe bridal beauty guide, bringing you 15 years of wisdom from the world of wedding hair and makeup. Today, we’re going to get real about something we all face but rarely talk about: hair and makeup business insecurities.

Do you ever catch yourself asking, “Is my work good enough?”

If you’re anything like me, that question has kept you up more than once. (I see you, 2 am stress!)

As creatives, we’re our harshest critics, aren’t we? We care so much about the work we produce, especially since we only have one shot at getting it right.

It’s important to address these insecurities, because guess what? They’re completely normal. 

These nagging self-doubts, if left unchecked, can hold you back from building confidence as a hair and makeup artist. They might make you play safe or undersell your services. They can even prevent you from reaching out to potential clients or networking with industry professionals. Does any of this sound familiar?

So, today, I want to share my journey with you. Let’s talk about the fears I faced (and sometimes still face!), and how I overcame what is known as the imposter syndrome in the beauty profession. Because trust me, if I can do it, so can you.

You’re Not Alone! Common Insecurities Faced by Hair and Makeup Artists

Sometimes the worst part of our insecurities is feeling like we’re the only ones who have them. Let me be clear: we all have them! Let’s name them so we feel less alone, and empowered to stop them from holding us back.

  1. Lack of Experience or Self-doubt in Skill Level

When I started out, my makeup work was natural and fresh-faced, not overdone. I questioned if I needed to go heavier on the makeup just to look “professional”.

  1. Fear of Competition and Comparison with Other Artists

I wondered what my high school friends, who actually went to cosmetology school, would think of me offering hair and makeup services for weddings. Despite not having formal training, here I was, stepping onto their turf.

  1. Concerns about Client Satisfaction and Negative Feedback

The night before a wedding, sleep was my worst enemy. My mind would swirl with worries about pleasing the bride and her party. Would they love the way they looked?

  1. Financial Worries and Pricing Self-Doubt

I remember agonizing over whether I’d make back the investment I’d put into building my kit. And how on earth was I going to transition from offering free services to charging?

  1. Imposter Syndrome and Feeling like a Fraud

Despite loving bridal styling, I doubted if I could compete with hairstylists who had already established a relationship with the brides.

Let’s Get Empowered! Strategies to Overcome Insecurities

Okay, now that we’ve named these insecurities, let’s talk about how to move forward so that they don’t hold us back from pursuing our goals. 

  1. Acknowledge and Accept Insecurities

Insecurities aren’t monsters; they’re signs that we care about our work and want to improve. Accept them as a natural part of your growth.

  1. Build a Strong Foundation through Education and Training

While formal education is valuable, remember that experience is the best teacher. Your unique journey can also become your unique selling point. I learned SO much just by actually doing the work. The more weddings I had under my belt, the more confident I became. If I had let the insecurities keep me from showing up, I never would have improved!

  1. Seek Support from Mentors and Industry Peers

Find your tribe and lean on them for support. Share your fears and learn from their experiences. I learned SO much from fellow bridal hair and makeup artists and other wedding vendors who were ahead of me. I made sure they knew I appreciated them taking me under their wing. I also really focused on growing and improving, which showed in every peer relationship I had. 

  1.  Practice and Gain Real-World Experience

There’s no substitute for practice. Each bridal party you work with is a learning experience that helps you grow as an artist. And yes, this is true even if your airbrushed makeup machine breaks (true story!) or you’ve accidentally double-booked yourself. Mistakes are normal, so instead of letting the fear of making a mistake hold you back, focus on how it can help you grow. 

  1. Focus on Building a Unique Brand and Niche

My natural, fresh-faced look, which I once doubted, became my signature style. Isn’t that so interesting that one of my main insecurities turned out to be the best way to niche? What’s your signature style? What do clients love about working with you? Lean into that. 

  1. Embrace and Showcase Your Strength

Every artist has their own strengths. Whether it’s your technical skills, your customer service, or your ability to calm a nervous bride – showcase them! There really is only one you, so own your personality, your vibe, and your strengths.

  1. Develop a Positive Mindset and Self-Care Routine

Remember to be kind to yourself. Practice self-care and maintain a positive mindset. Celebrate your achievements, however small. When you land a dream client, take yourself out to dinner to celebrate!

  1. Encourage and Value Client Feedback

Constructive criticism can be your best friend. Feedback, both positive and negative, helps you learn and grow. This is all a normal part of the process, especially when you’re starting out. If you’re working under another bridal HMU artist, ask her for feedback as well. 

  1. Set Realistic Goals and Track Progress

Set achievable goals, and celebrate when you meet them. Not every day will be a win, and that’s okay. Every step, no matter how small, brings you closer to your goal of building out a career doing bridal HMU. 

All right, babe. I know it’s a lot to face all of this. 

But remember, each insecurity you overcome takes you one step closer to the confident, successful artist you are destined to be. Remember my sleepless nights and self-doubt? Well, those very brides that once made me lose sleep, now line up for my signature fresh-faced look!

Insecurities will come, and they will go. But your passion, dedication, and skill are here to stay. Friend, let’s celebrate our unique paths, our growth, and our resilience. You are so much more than your insecurities.

I promise you, the wedding industry needs your unique touch and your unique style. I can’t wait to see where your journey takes you. 

Remember, you are good enough, and your work is beautiful. So, let’s go out there and show the world what we’ve got!

Cheering you on, babe!



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