Five Ways to Level Up Your Holiday Experience (with help from me!)

We’re headed into the season of ALL.THE.THINGS!!! I’ve often found if I’m not careful to prepare my mindset around this time of year, I find myself mid-December stressed, exhausted, and honestly upset that I’m not enjoying the holidays more. 

So, let’s all take a deep breath now. Phew. We’re going to get our mindset right, preparing ourselves to enter this season with more peace, patience, and excitement!! 

If you’re still feeling like there’s a million things on your to-do list that you can’t imagine actually enjoying the season, I’m here to serve you!! Here are my top five ideas for how I can help you love the holidays this year …

  1. Get glammed! 🧖🏼‍♀️

Tis the season for events!! And nothing feels better than being glammed up for your family photos, galas, and holiday parties! Make your getting-ready less stressful and come sit in my chair!! I’ll pamper you while you relax or think through other things. 

My special event hair and makeup pricing is $125 for makeup and $125 for hair.

  1. Learn how to glam yourself 💄

Want to know how to do your own makeup just how you like it every time?! Let’s make it happen!! I’m offering one on one consultations to help you elevate your look for every event throughout this season (and your everyday vibe)!! 

Here’s how it works: you’d come over to my in-home studio for a one on one makeup consultation. Whether you feel like your current makeup routine needs a little pep in its step or you are wanting a full overhaul on your makeup application and products, I am your girl!!! 

I absolutely love helping women feel beautiful as you confidently put on your makeup every single morning. Each consultation is totally unique to you! 

I start your consult by: 

💄Going over the products you’re currently using

🤎Reviewing where your biggest struggles are

✍️What you want to walk away from our time together with


🪞I give you a personalized makeup lesson on your own face while you watch and observe

🙋🏼‍♀️You get to ask questions

💋Learn new techniques


🧖🏼‍♀️I write down every single product I used on your face

🩷You get to wear the makeup for the rest of the day and fall in love with the way you look and the products I used

There’s two investment options you can choose between! 

Option #1: 45 minute one on one makeup consultation is $125. This includes the entire experience I listed above. Does not include the purchase of any makeup or skincare products. For an additional cost, skincare and makeup products can be purchased from me.

Option #2: 45 Minute one on one makeup consultation is complimentary with the purchase of $250 of makeup and/or skincare ($250 combined). This includes the entire experience I listed above.

Ready for the cherry on top? Once you decide what makeup & skincare products you would like to invest in, I take the list and personally place your makeup & skincare order for you! All you have to do is open your front door and pick up your package 📦 off the welcome mat! 

  1. Personal shopping for your entire list 🎁

Can’t figure out what the heck your teenage daughters want in their stockings or what your mother-in-law will be happy to unwrap? I got you, girl!!! 

Send me your budget and list and I’ll do the rest! From stocking stuffers to what to get your mom, your kids’ teachers, or even your boss (see below!) I’ll find the perfect gift for everyone on your list and even wrap it all beautifully for you!!! (I can ship it to you if you’re not local, too!) 

All my favorite products to hook you up with provide a commission to me, so I love to offer this service free of charge to you!

  1. Business gift shopping 👩‍💼

Are you the owner of your business and want to give your employees something special this year? Or maybe you want to show your clients you appreciate them and are looking for the perfect gift that doesn’t break the bank but shows you care! 

I’ll do all the shopping for you and even wrap and deliver straight to you, your office, or their home (or ship!). All you have to do is give me the budget for each person and their names and you can cross it off your list!!!! 

All my favorite products to hook you up with provide a commission to me, so I love to offer this service free of charge to you!

  1. Gift certificates 🎫

Not sure what to get someone? Want to give them a gift that keeps on giving? Gift certificates are your answer!!! Let’s chat about who you’re looking to WOW and I can help with the best gift certificate!

For the friend that’s going clean but not sure which products to start with, I not only have gift certificates for Beautycounter, but when they come to redeem it they’ll get my concierge service to make sure they’re getting the products, shades, and colors that they’ll LOVE! 

Know someone who has an event coming up or might love to be pampered (hello, every mom ever!), my hair and makeup certificate can be redeemed for a day of pampering and a glam session to get them all ready for that special something (or a date night out- pro tip, get them a dinner gift card to go with it!). 

Beautycounter gift certificate options vary depending on your budget and if you want to gift a few products or a full kit. 

This is your season, babe!!!

Over many years of stressed-mom-mode all of November and December, I’ve come to learn that asking for help is the ultimate answer to filling the holidays with more love and fun! I would be honored to help you this season babe and see you make the most of the festivities with your loved ones ✨

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