Closing My Chapter with Beautycounter: Here’s What’s Happening 

I’ve been with Beautycounter for almost 8 years and I am beyond grateful for my time building a business around products that I love and trust. It has been a beautiful journey of stepping into my personal gifts for sharing products, building community, and leading a team. 

Here’s Jaxlee when she was 2 years old with my Beautycounter launch 8 years ago. She’s the heart and soul of why I fell in love with these clean products in the first place!

In April, the company let us know that the founder had purchased the business from all shareholders and we could expect a relaunch in May. The website was taken down while they transitioned ownership. 

This week (the first week of May) we were told that instead of being back up and running this month, they’re projecting a relaunch in Q4 of 2024. The transition has involved a lot of legal elements, costs, etc. that shifted that time frame and they want to be sure to come back with everything done really well rather than rushing that process. 

Let me be clear: I still love Beautycounter and will continue to use my vanity full of their products.

At the same time, this has been a big piece of our income over the last 8 years and with the company not being available until the end of this year, I am moving forward to find new opportunities to share my passions and provide for my family.

If you’re on my email list, you know more about what’s coming next for me.

As I lean on the Lord and trust His provision for what comes next for me, I want to be a light in this process and around the changes at Beautycounter. I’m not going to engage in negative talk about the company. 

I know it’s a big deal for a lot of people (myself included!). I also know that the world is not ending, God has a plan for each and every one of us, and speaking negatively will not do anyone any good. 

So here’s the deal: I will not be shaken by Beautycounter changes. And I want you to feel the same way. Things change in life, challenges come, and we are stronger when we work through them, leaning on the Lord to provide what is right for us. 

I invite you to join me in praying for all those involved in this shift. The leadership at Beautycounter, the teams figuring out what comes next, and my own family as we wait on the Lord to show us next steps. (If you want to know what those next steps will be, make sure you’re on my email list for when I share what I’m feeling called to.)

And as a loyal fan of Beautycounter, I’ll let you know when they’re back up and running so we can all stock up again on our favorite products!! 



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  1. Cheers to new beginnings babe.

  2. Chinny says:

    Thanks so much for sharing Emily! Very exciting for new beginnings and I absolutely love your heart, attitude, and work ethic. Praying for wisdom/clarity on the next steps, open doors, and favor as you & your family navigate this next season. God’s got you! Much love.

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