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Five Summer Must-Have Green Products

Whether you’re on your way to the pool with the kids or making the MOST out of a weekend getaway with your hubby, you want to make sure you’ve got the good stuff to make you look and feel fabulous. When it is HOT as heck, even packing essentials like sunscreen can feel like a lot. I get it.

You don’t want to end up using that spray sunscreen buried in your car with an expiration date you’d rather not acknowledge. And girl, let’s be honest. When we’re sweating all day long, we need SOMETHING to make us feel like we’re taking care of ourselves a little bit.

So, let me help you out, friend. I’ve pulled together my Top Five Summer Must-Have Products, all to make you feel good about what’s going in your body, and good about how you look.

  1. Primally Pure Deodorant. There are a lot of nontoxic deodorants out there, but I am here to tell you this is the BEST of the best! I love this deodorant because I’m convinced that the grass fed cow tallow in the deodorant is the magic ingredient warding off all BO for the summer. It still allows my body to sweat, which is really important to release toxins. But I’m confident that I don’t have body odor– which, if you’ve tried another nontoxic deodorant, that isn’t always the case. My top two scents are Blue Tansy and Lemongrass. The deodorant just melts onto your skin with the heat of your own body.
Primally Pure natural spray

2. Primally Pure Nature Spray We can’t live a day without this! My daughter gets eaten up by bugs and mosquitoes quite frequently, so I spray our entire family with the Primally Pure’s Nature Spray. It’s made with citronella oil– which works similar to Deet without any negative side effects. And for this busy mom, this means I don’t have to wash it off before they go to bed. (Nope, I don’t give my girls a bath every night and we’re all doing just fine.)

Beautycounter sun stick

3. Beautycounter Sunscreen Face Stick. This is my go-to in keeping my girls faces sunburn-free while we’re out and about! It fits in my back pocket and I take it with me everywhere. It’s made with non-nano zinc oxide, creating that barrier between your skin and the sun. Plus it’s super easy to throw on myself before a run or my girls’ faces, shoulders and neck if we’re at the park. I use it every day and always keep at least three on hand.

Beautycounter shimmer oil

4. Beautycounter Glow Shimmer Oil. I throw this on my skin, and it is the definition of a summer glow. Made with a dry oil formula so it absorbs immediately into your skin, which gives me that hydrated glow. Like moisturizes my skin, but also just the perfect tint of sun and glow. You can use it for a day at the pool or beach. And you can also use it for something more, more fancy, like a wedding or a summer soiree.

5. Cote Nail Polish. I love white nails for the summer because it makes me look tan makes me look like I’ve been on vacation. So even when I’m doin’ the dishes, I can see a little pop of fun summer colors. But more than that, I love that Cote is also made without toxic ingredients, so I can feel confident putting it on my girls without worrying if they put their fingers in their mouth and accidentally chew off the nail polish. Girls can be girls WITHOUT the bad stuff in your system!

And just for my followers, you can snag the Primally Pure Deodorant and Nature Spray and get 10% off by using Barton10 at checkout. Feel good and save money? Win, win.

Enjoy that glamorously green life. You deserve it.

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  1. Amber says:

    I am super interested in trying Primally Pure deodorant. I will be sure to use your Barton10 discount code!!!! What fragrance does the Blue Tansy smell like? I typically like a soft, feminine smell (powder fresh by secret!) But with my recent brain tumor diagnosis I’m looking to finish making the switch. I have LOVED every single Beauty Counter product you have recommended so far! I don’t want to smell like dirt or grass though, I’m not that crunchy yet:)

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