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Spice up your summer makeup routine

So many women find themselves not knowing how to apply makeup anymore. Maybe they’ve been using the same routines and products since they were in high school, and those strategies stuck. Maybe you are tired of the same old look and just want something different to spice it up. Or, maybe you just had your birthday and you’re finally ready to treat yourself to some makeup that doesn’t look like it could fit in your caboodle. 

Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum, switching up your makeup routine by the season is a practical way to start. 

Here are three easy ways to spice up your makeup look this summer:

  1. Go for the dewy, glowy look.

Let the season work for you, not against you. Summer brings heat and perspiration, so it’s easy to get that glowy look because of the natural perspiration on your body. For me, I enhanced my makeup routine by using the Dew tinted moisturizer from Beautycounter. Sometimes that’s ALL I wear on my skin.

  1. Play up your cheeks with a shimmered blush. 

We’re outside much more than normal, which brings out more glisten and glow.  I use either the Topaz highlighter or the Nectar blush from Beauty counter— both have a really pretty shimmer in the powder. I also love highlighting my cheekbones and the T zone of my face, just to give an extra glisten when the sun hits my skin.

  1. Warm up your eye shadow with the bronze look.

To finish off the “I’m outside in the sun looking glowy not sweaty look”, top off your  makeup routine with some sheen, shimmery eye shadow. Stick to warm colors like rust, gold, copper, champagne, and browns. Anything to really compliment that glowing bronze tan look.

Here are three easy ways to change up your summer makeup routine:

  1. Reach for a different color of lipstick or blush– try something with a little bit more color and pink tones! 
  2. Implement a different color of blush. This could be something with a little bit more shimmer in it to catch the light or a little bit more of a brighter color to make your cheeks pop. 
  3. Change the texture of your shadows and or the pigments. Use warmer shadows for the summer, and different textures with more shimmer or sheen to reflect the light and catch the sun.

And there you go, friend. In just a few quick moves, you can go from blaaa to fabulous on a hot summer day.

Enjoy that glamorously green life. You deserve it.



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