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Four Year Anniversary with Beautycounter

I’m poppin’ the bubbly over here! Four years ago this July, I started my Beautycounter business. I set out on a mission to educate people about safer beauty and skin products and in that, my life has changed in ways I couldn’t have dreamed up.

I can still remember how I announced it all. I set Jaxlee up on the couch in her red, white, and blue outfit and carefully placed Beautycounter products around her. She was two at the time. Her whole life, her health, her success, EVERYTHING, is the reason I’m here celebrating today. She is my why behind joining the movement for better beauty, and she is my why for where I hope to take this business in the next four years. 

Like anyone starting a business, I started with nothing.

No clients, no team, just this big, deep desire to share how my life changed through clean products and how it can- and should- change for everyone else.

I went from being a product junkie, not worried about the ingredients on the back of a bottle to knowing not just what the ingredients were, but how dramatically they impacted my health and the health of our family. Fast forward to now, I have an amazing group of faithful clients and a passionate team of consultants that I get to lead and work alongside to bring this movement into more circles. 

But joining Beautycounter didn’t just open up my life with better products.

It opened up my life to a community of like-minded individuals and opportunities to grow. 

As I celebrate four years in the Beautycounter business, I want to share my passion for investing in yourself– in how you look, how you feel, and what you want for your future. I live by the glamorously green motto and I want you to have it all, too. 

For me, Jaxlee’s story is still the centerpoint on why we have chosen to live a clean lifestyle. Everyone has their own entrypoint– maybe it was a cancer scare or the remnants of chemically-induced acne treatment or just simply getting older. At some point, most people have a reason why they start down the road of clean living and they can’t go back.

This is why I’m here. I want to continue to grow my Beautycounter team and encourage other women to paint their life the way they want it to look. I love working with my team of hard-working, go-getting women, and I want to link arms with more. Fighting for safer beauty laws is about changing policy and changing mindsets; this is a gig with deep conviction. 

I want to grow the impact of glamorously green living. Yes, I want you to have it all. 

My desire is for this space to be a trusted resource for anyone figuring out how to live a clean lifestyle. I know that words like organic, nontoxic, healthy, and fresh are big buzz words in the healthy living marketing world. I will do my best to spell things out for you so that you can swap out your go-to cleaning supplies for healthy ones.

Don’t worry, this is going to be FUN. Going green doesn’t have to feel like a chore. You don’t have to give up looking good for the sake of your health. You can have both!!

As I celebrate these last four years, I am SO excited to share what I’ve learned and how I’ve changed so that you can take the guesswork out of healthy living, while also feeling like a million bucks.

These days, I’ve got two girls sitting on the couch watching me run my Beautycounter business. Two impressionable young women listening to me champion a green lifestyle. They are looking to their mama to guide them, and I want to show up for them. I’m showing up in my business, how we eat and live, and how I take risks for the sake of a bigger impact.

Enjoy that glamorously green life. You deserve it.



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