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Like many entrepreneurs, my business has a few goals. Yes, I had a background as a professional hair and makeup artist. Yes, I knew I had the chops to be able to start a business with Beautycounter. But my reason “why” was rooted so much deeper than a new business venture. It was rooted in a desire to clean our home and bodies of toxins, and to provide opportunities for Jaxlee to succeed, despite her health challenges.

This is why I love working in the entrepreneur world. So many other women are running businesses that do lots of good—for them, their families, and the world. 

So when Lauren from Paper Farm Press reached out to me about partnering with her spring subscription box, I was pumped!

PaperFarmPress was born from a passion to create and cultivate community with hand-printed stationery. Lauren has a background in graphic design and a love for paper and print, she has a heart to use her (beautiful) work to impact relationships for the greater good.

Now more than ever, we are aware of the need for community and connection. We’re also keenly aware of the people we need to connect with the most—but with kids and life, sometimes that doesn’t happen in person as often as we’d like. 

For our partnership this spring, I got to pick a Beautycounter gift that would be sent with the spring subscription boxes. Boxes of adorable stationery, yes. But it’s SO much more than that! 

These boxes are full of encouragement and ways to build community within your own family and with people who don’t live near you. 

You can sign up for a one-time purchase or a seasonal subscription! And let me tell ya, they are soooooo pretty. 

Each set comes with:

  • 7 letterpress cards + envelopes including birthday, blank, thank you, friendship + (3) Bible verse
  • 1 letterpress recipe card
  • 1 5×7 art print
  • 1 surprise gift! 

And this spring, Beautycounter is the surprise gift!

I hope you purchase a box for yourself AND your friends. You can stay connected, encouraged, all while keepin’ it a little bit glamorous. 



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