Clean beauty at your fingertips: Beautycounter at Sephora

Four years ago, Sephora used to be my go-to shop. As a hair and makeup artist and a self-proclaimed product junkie, that was my PLACE to be. Just last week I got to walk back in and find clean beauty products I believe in.

I dove into Beautycounter headfirst because of the clean beauty products, yes. I knew for certain that I could trust what was going in my body, but as a consumer and a consultant, I also knew that I was a part of a larger mission. Beautycounter wants to change not just individual user’s perception of clean beauty, but they want to shake up the entire industry. 

At the core of Beautycounter our mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone and every decision that we make is based off of that foundation. And so, over the years as a company, Beautycounter has furthered their mission by getting their products out in the world in a variety of channels.

Enter Sephora.

We’ve had partnerships at Target, and pop-ups in New York and Santa Monica. But this partnership with Sephora is our biggest yet. For four months, we’ll have 11 of our fan favorite products in the leading retailer of beauty and skincare products

This means more people can, literally, get their hands on clean beauty.

I am SO excited that while I’m out shopping for a gift, I can pop into Sephora and grab more Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer

I am also SO excited that even MORE people can learn about the HUGE problems masked in the beauty industry and learn about Beautycounter’s mission to bring about lasting legislative change. 

I became a consultant with Beautycounter not only because I fell DEEP in love with their products, but because I wanted to be part of a bigger story. And the story of putting clean products in the hands of more people is one I want to champion.

Four years ago I gave up the old products I was comfortable with and replaced them with nontoxic skincare and makeup… and a mission I can get my whole business behind.

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