Beautycounter Executive Director Emily Barton

How I became a Beautycounter Consultant

I was 19 when I first started my hair and makeup business. I saw a professional makeup artist apply airbrush foundation and that day I told myself I was going to learn how to do it. So I bought the machine and taught myself. What started as a creative outlet grew into a hair and makeup business that supported my family and kept me busy every weekend of the year. I loved every part of it.

But even this product junkie couldn’t ignore all the harmful ingredients in every day AND high-end makeup, not to mention the severe lack of regulation in the cosmetic industry.

I began learning about this about the time I had my daughter Jaxlee. She was born with Cerebral Palsy and struggled in every part of her development. As I watched her, I went to WORK analyzing EVERYTHING that we allowed to come into our house, put on or in our bodies. 

It was about this time my friend Lindsey reached out to see if I wanted to try some Beautycounter samples. I had already made up my mind that they WEREN’T going to work. As you can imagine, as a professional makeup artist, I love high-end products and I have REALLY high standards because of that. So, I was pretty skeptical about nontoxic products that could perform at the level I wanted. But I figured, why not do my friend a favor and try them out. 

When the products came in a really cute, nicely packaged box, I busted them out to give them a shot. I was totally blown away. All of my concerns and question marks were erased. I was surprised at the quality of the product, the performance of the product, and the overall appearance of the products themselves. 

So, as I continue to sample them, I just fell in love with them. I fell in love with all aspects of the product, the mission, and how I could run my business. 

And then my wheels started turning. I never had any formal training as a hair and makeup artist but was turning down weddings left and right because I was so booked. As an entrepreneur at heart, I KNEW there was a way to combine my 12 years in the makeup industry with my passion for clean living. Turns out, I was right. 

My mind started to race. I knew how well I understood products, and that I had at least a handful of women in my life who would be sold on them as well. The fact that the products worked well AND were nontoxic and formulated with all clean ingredients excited me.

I jumped in head first, dumping drawers of nasty, toxic products into the trash. I haven’t looked back. As I filled my counters and cupboards with safe, clean products from Beautycounter, I also started hustling after my business. I showed up doing Facebook Lives every other week, sharing the products I loved in tutorials and videos. I threw home parties, held one on one consultations, and took every opportunity I had to share about these amazing products. 

That little business I started four years ago grew and grew. Now I get to help support our family both as a Consultant and as an Executive Director with Beautycounter. 

It was and is the perfect blend of my expertise and my passion. I don’t miss the stuff that I used to have in my makeup bags. I don’t miss the way they smell, I don’t miss the way they perform, and I don’t miss the packaging. 

Beautycounter checks all the boxes for what I love as a makeup artist, believe in as a mom and wife who wants the best products for her family, and strive for as a business owner.
If you’ve been wanting to rid your home of the old school skincare and makeup routine, start here.  If you’re already in like I was and want to make your passion your business, reach out to me. I’d love to chat!

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