How I grew my Beautycounter business

This last November, I sold $15,000 worth of Beautycounter products. In one month.

For some Consultants, that’s how much they sell every month. For others, it’s a number that seems outrageous– like did you work around the clock??

Let me tell you the secret– and it’s not some magic potion I have. Not at all. I sold that much in one month because of how I grew my business in the first year. 

I’m an Executive Director- a title I work my butt off for. But all of that – the promotions, the bonuses, the impact, started with some key decisions early on.

So here’s my story of how I grew my Beautycounter business from opening my starter set to my first promotion as a Director. 

#1  Jumped all in 

I didn’t think about it for 6 months and then test the waters with just my family. I knew I believed in the product and with my experience growing a successful high-end hair and makeup business, I knew I had the business-know how to actually make money. I didn’t waiver. I didn’t just dabble. I knew I wanted to build a business and so I didn’t waste any time. I know the innate confidence in myself and not specifically how to grow as a Beautycounter Consultant, was a game-changer. 

#2 Recruited before I became an expert

I looked over the compensation plan so I understood what I needed to do in order to maximize the compensation plan. I knew if I sold $3,000 worth of products every month I would make the same exact paycheck every single month. So the #1 way to grow my business and my paycheck were to grow my team. I didn’t wait to start inviting people to join me until I “had a better understanding” of Beautycounter or until I had more experience under my belt. I didn’t wait until I had a certain number of clients, or until “the right time” or even until I “felt more confident”. I started recruiting right away and knew I could learn alongside my new teammates as we grew. In my first month as a Beautycounter Consultant, I had my first teammate join me. I will never forget that feeling when I heard my first “yes, I want to work together”. Four years later, I still get that same exact feeling every time I hear yes– because I know our potential is so high. 

#3 Shared about Beautycounter over and over and over

I really grew my business through regular Facebook Lives– I had a great audience on that platform. But I didn’t limit my presence in that once space one day a week. Nope. I started sharing the products and our mission through every channel I could think of: social media, mailing samples, dropping off products for people to try, offering one on one consultations and makeup lessons, and lady’s night pop-ups. I just kept going because I had the bigger picture in mind. I had dreams and goals I wanted to accomplish and truth and education that needed to be shared. 

#4 People said no and I kept going

I got a lot of NOs. You could say not everyone was as excited or as “on board” as I was. I got turned down. I got canceled on. I got told no or just no response at all. Often. But I am not a quitter. So I was in more competition with myself not to quit than I was caring about what other people thought. The no’s are what shaped me (and what still shape me). The No’s helped build my confidence in who I am and what I have to offer. The no’s are lessons learned on how to do better next time

If you’re a new Consultant, considering joining, or want to grow your business after a few stagnant seasons, I hope you see the trend here. Growing my business had less to do with a list of things I checked off and more to do with my mindset. I had the big picture in mind– what I wanted for my family and what I wanted for my business. With that in mind, how I got there wasn’t stressful. My desire for something greater far outweighed the time and energy and cost it would take to get there. 



P.S. Read more about how I became a Consultant, and how I celebrated my four-year anniversary with the business.

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