How to get the best bang for your buck shopping with Beautycounter

If anyone knows how to shop for the best deal on things it’s ME!! 

Whether it’s the best price on my favorite grass-fed beef or the lowest price on those cute platform sandals I have been eyeing… I find a way to get the best bang for my buck. It is kind of like a game to me, and nothing feels better than knowing I got the best deal am I right?? 

I’ve been in the Beautycounter biz for 6 years now, and you could say I have my clients’ shopping habits down. 

A few things that make me cringe as a Beautycounter guru:

A. Paying for shipping when they could be getting it for FREE 

B. Missing out on the best deals & rewards 

C. Not maximizing their dollar 

Before you spend another dollar, check out these tips and tricks to make your money go further while you’re shopping safer beauty!

  1. Get a BOB Membership

If you have purchased Beautycounter more than 1x or plan on purchasing Beautycounter more than once, the Band of Beauty Membership (BOB membership) is a no-brainer. 

Let me break this down for you. 

  • The BOB Membership is a program Beautycounter created to offer rewards and discounts to our loyal clean beauty lovers.
  • We want to say thank you by offering you an advanced level of perks and insider status. 
  • Perks? Yes, you get FREE shipping on every single order of $100 or more every time you shop. You get 10% product credit on your account to use every time you shop… here is the math for ya… So you spend $100, you will have $10 on your account to use towards your next purchase. 
  • Then on your next purchase, whatever that total is you get 10% of that in product credit on your account for then the next purchase… and it just keeps going. 
  • Lastly, when you join as a BOB member, you receive a free gift! What is the free gift you ask? The gift is a travel size of our cult-favorite Charcoal Mask and Overnight Resurfacing Peel. Two of my MUST have skincare products IMO. 
  • In addition, I have seen Beautycounter release special promos to BOB Members only, for example, double points on your purchase or a lower free shipping threshold. 

Basically the program is too good to pass up. All you need to do next time your shopping is add the BOB Membership to your cart and the rest is taken care of. The membership costs $29 and lasts for a year from the time you purchased it. The membership does not auto renew, so when it comes time to join again, you will be notified by email. Want to watch me explain the membership via video? 

Want to hear me talk you through it? Got ya covered here

  1. Utilize Bundles
    1. Beautycounter Offers bundle discounts of 10% off the retail pricing on all of our Skincare Regimens, Collections & Sets. The products in each Regimen, Collection & Set were designed to be consumed at the same rate so ideally you run out of each product at the exact same time and can replenish your skincare routine all at once saving you 10%. 
    2. What about makeup you ask? We’ve got you covered there too.
    3. We have the Flawless in 5 Set, which is 6 makeup products where you get to choose your favorite shades of our…

Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation or Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer

Skin Twin Creamy Concealer

Brilliant Brow Gel

Think Big All-In-One Mascara

Cheeky Clean Cream Blush

This set is offered at 20% off the retail price of each individual product. Simple Flawless in 5 Minutes p 

  1. Don’t sleep on the Last Chance section!
    1. We have a section on our website called “Last Chance” 
    2. These items are being discontinued, reformulated or repackaged. Many of these items are offered at a discounted price and are final sale. You will find some of my favorite products under the Last Chance section, not to mention some of our incredible value sets. Once these items are gone, they are gone so don’t sit on these products. 

Good Glitz Duo

Clean Dreams Set

Our full-size eye cream ($76) AND the Overnight Resurfacing Peel plus an eye mask for $52!!!
Clean Dreams Set

Radiant All Over Bronzer

My favorite powder bronzer – Radiant All Over Bronzer

Color Outline Eye Pencil

The eyeliner I use every single day – Color Outline Eye Pencil

Illuminating Cream Highlighter

The bronzer glow highlighter I can’t live without – Illuminating Cream Highlighter

There will always be this Last Chance section on our website with different products, so check back frequently! You don’t want to miss a deal or a product you have fallen in love with that will no longer be offered (I know I hate when that happens too!!). 

Okay, friend. That’s it. I spilled the tea, I let the cat out of the bag, I’ve shared all my best tips for getting clean beauty into my purse and onto my counter—while maximizing my dollar!

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