Beautycounter Executive Director Emily Barton

How to grow your Beautycounter business

So you want to grow your Beautycounter business but don’t know how? 

You’ve seen the compensation plan and you KNOW that there’s a way to make more than a few hundred bucks here and there.

But HOW? How do these girls on Instagram do it? What kind of secret sauce are they selling?

Okay, hold on right there. There’s no secret sauce. There’s no magic in how a business grows. The common denominator?

Consistently showing up as a business owner.

I unpack what that means in this (NEW!) resource I have for Consultants who are struggling to hit that Director promotion, or for people who are waiting in the wings, aaaaalmost ready to click “join”.

If you read my Beautycounter first year story here, you know that I got a lot of “Nos” from people. But I got just enough “Yeses” to keep going, so keep going I did.

I spilled the tea, ladies. All the steps I took to not just grow a business that first year, but to build one that lasts is in the freebie I put together for you. 

Click here to sign up!

Can’t wait to hear how you step up your game this year!!!



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