How to book a pop-up people CAN’T WAIT to attend

We have all found ourselves at one of those parties, thinking the only reason we were there was because we love the person who is hosting the party. We may not be excited about the content, but we showed up just to show our support. As a business owner and network marketing affiliate, this is the last thing I want my guests to feel when they come to one of my pop-ups. 

I don’t want them to come for me, I want them to be there because they want to and because they will get something out of it. I want them to be excited about attending!! I want them to feel like their time is valued, and that they are being served by attending my event. 

Like any good business, we put our customers first. Instead of viewing this like a party you have to plan, view this as a part of growing visibility with ideal clients– clients you know and genuinely care for. If you have that mindset, the details will fall into the place. 

With that in mind, focus on them– solving their problems and serving them. Rather than inviting your guests to come just look at a table of products you are selling, make your pop up an event that is about them, not you. 

Whether your party is virtual or in person, consider these tips to throwing a pop up people actually CAN’T WAIT to attend.  

#1 Think about what gets YOU excited to attend a party?

Is it the food & drink that you look forward to? How about the conversation and connection with friends? Is it your outfit of choice or those new boots you have been dying to wear? What is “the thing” that’s in it for you? How can you translate this to your pop-up? How do you want your guests to walk away feeling? All of the details can and should be communicated ahead of time in order to get the guest to buy in and RSVP YES with anticipation and enthusiasm!!!!

#2 Know your audience (your host can help with this!)) & plan the details accordingly. 

  • For a “down for some fun” crowd, try a cocktail theme party. A themed cocktail recipe allows you to send out the ingredients ahead of time and you teach how to make the cocktail while walking them through the proper steps of skincare. As you cleanse, prep, treat, protect, you can liken it to the ingredients you are using in your cocktail to help your guests remember the proper steps. 
  • For a more classy group, try a wine pairing with the Beautycounter products: 4 different wines paired with skincare, body care, makeup, and the men’s line.
  • And for the competitive people: prep your guests for a friendly game or competition at the pop-up. You could include fun prizes and incentives for participation.  

#3 Pump your host up with all the potential host rewards she could earn through her pop-up. 

Light that fire under her booty to get inviting and talking with her friends about how excited she is to host. If your host fully understands the earning opportunity and what is in it for her, she is way more likely to engage with her friends in that excitement, too. Have your host make a wish list of all the products she wants once she agrees to host the pop up. This way you both have a visual of what she wants and is hoping to earn through the pop-up sales. 

#4 Consider the guest list

If every single person said yes to the invite, would the room (or screen) of guests feel comfortable to everyone? When planning your list, consider keeping it to specific friend groups where everyone has a connection to each other (i.e. all sorority sisters, work colleagues, Bible study group, kindergarten class moms, etc). Even in a virtual setting, if a guest knows her best gal pal is attending along with some of her other besties, she will be a whole lot more likely to say HECK YA I’m in too!!!

#5 Guarantee something of value– even if they don’t buy

Give them something they know they can walk away with that’s not attached to a product. This way, they’ll know What can you promise? Can you guarantee they will walk away feeling more confident in applying their makeup? Can you offer a live smokey eye tutorial or Flawless in 5 demonstration? How about a revolutionary educational piece on anti aging skincare ingredients? With personal testimonials and before and after pictures? What value will your guests receive by being there? 

#6 Incentivize your guests to come– and to RSVP!

If they RSVP 3 weeks before the party, offer to send them a charcoal mask sample in the mail. Or if they take the skincare quiz ahead of time, send them samples of the recommended regimen. Offer a valuable giveaway for everyone in attendance and or an extra entry if they bring a friend. 

Overall, the goal is for the guests to feel considered every step of the way. Yes, it’s a pop-up, and yes it’s about selling a product. But like any good business, you are being mindful of your audience. If you genuinely believe the product will make their life better, then make sure they feel seen and valued. Make sure they know how the product can help them. 

And with that mindset, you can grow your business. Guaranteed. 

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