Weekend getaway packing tips (so you still look + feel good!)

If you haven’t figured it out already, I am here to keep it REAL.

Yep, I like to put on makeup and make tutorials like what to wear to a holiday gathering, but I am ALSO here to keep it simple– and REAL. Clean living does NOT have to be time-consuming, and it’s NOT something you have to give up when you go on vacation.

We just got back from a little family getaway in the mountains. It was magical because we were together in the mountain air, in our matching jammies, and in God’s creation. 

It was magical… AND our kids whined and woke up too early, and we ate out at the ONE restaurant that was open for every meal.

For a quick two-night getaway, I try to pack the bare minimum because honestly, I don’t want to have a ton of work lined up for me when I get home ( and let’s be honest we never use 1/2 the stuff we bring anyway). 

When it comes to my skincare and makeup, I usually pare down a bit to keep things simple and easy. I mean, when we are on vacation it feels like a chore to even wash my face let alone a 6 step regimen. 

Before I give you my list of essential products on a weekend getaway, let me break down my pre-vacation ritual. 

I washed and styled my hair at home so I didn’t have to take a single hair product besides my good old Primally Pure Dry Shampoo. Yep you heard me, not even a curling iron. I go 4-5 days without washing my hair so doing this before we leave home is an easy prep for the trip. I don’t always do this, but I tinted my eyebrows with this at home tinting kit, and even threw a layer of self tanner on my arms and neck before we left. If there is a tan involved, doesn’t it truly feel like vacation?

So, here is my go-to packing list so you can still look (and feel!) good:

#1 Beautycounter Cleansing Balm: This 3 in 1 product I used to cleanse my face, and then I put it back on my dry skin to wear as an overnight moisture mask. (Both a cleanser and moisturizer in one.)

#2 Beautycounter Flawless in 5: With these 6 essential products, I wore a full face of makeup each day but kept it simple. I even skipped the mascara and replaced it with brown eyeliner along my lower lash & water line. 

#3 For an extra dose of glow and definition, I use Topaz highlighter on my cheeks.

#4 Classic Eyeshadow Palette: Without mascara I felt I wanted a little more color on my eyes so I used Suede on my lids & Ivory on my brow bone to give dimension and pigment to my eyes. 

#5 Primally Pure Deodorant– All of their deodorants come in 2 sizes, the smaller one (1.7 oz) is the most convenient to travel with. Blue Tansy was my scent of choice for our mountain town getaway. (Psst! Use code Barton10 at checkout to get 10% off your purchase!)

#6 Primally Pure Light Locks Dry Shampoo– also conveniently comes in 2 sizes, the smaller one (1oz) perfect for that weekend getaway. 

#7 Quip Toothbrush & David’s Toothpaste: These are my go-to clean teeth care products, and they go with me everywhere. Copper is my color of choice in the toothbrush, and we’re all about the Peppermint in David’s Toothpaste.

#8 Beautycounter Citrus Mimosa Body Wash– It doesn’t matter where I go or where I am staying, I never trust the personal care products provided by the accommodation. So I always bring my own!! I never regret that I do, because I am never truly impressed with what is available at the hotel (not impressed by the quality and performance and definitely not impressed by the ingredients). 

With a few more quick trips on the horizon (before the baby comes!!) this mama has her packing list streamlined & dialed in. 

If you missed my video on my post dry mountain air skincare facial, click here to watch how I used 3 simple products to bring my face back to life once we got home.



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