How I grew my business with email marketing

Like so many of you, I start the new year with a bang. I gave my goals and lists and big ideas. Last January was no different. I had binged podcasts from Jenna Kutcher and Jasmine Star and even bought a course on how to create a course.

But there was one area I had heard from alllll the business gurus: start and grow your email list.

Here are some statistics that sold me:

  1. If you’re going to invest in your business, email marketing has the best ROI. (As in $42 for every dollar you spend. Yep, kind of a big deal.) (source here!)
  2. You have a direct line to your people. You don’t have to worry about your customers or clients who are fasting from social media or who just missed your post because the algorithm changed. You can be in their inbox before you wait for them to see your story.
  3. If Instagram and Facebook crash, you still have a way of talking to your audience. I mean, we’ve seen crazier things happen, but I want to know that I can reach my people in case all the FB groups and IGTVs are gone. 

So what does that look like for a Beautycounter Consultant? I mean, Beautycounter HQ has its own email marketing in full effect.

Yes, yes, they do. (And they should!)

But what they don’t offer is the personal touch. The same reason my clients buy product with me is the same reason they’ll open and click through my emails over Beautycounter HQs.

Moral of the story, babe? Whether you’re a Beautycounter Consultant, wedding professional, massage therapist, or financial consultant, you need an email list. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed– I get it! It took me a while to get my footing, but I have seen the impact of email marketing on my business growth. 

If you know you need to get started, here are a few steps you can follow:

  1. Pick an email service provider. There are a LOT out there and it kind of depends on your industry which one to use. I use Flodesk and love it. It’s simple to use and offers pretty templates that you can easily customize with your own brand colors, logos, etc. Here’s a 50% off referral link!
  2. Create an opt-in page. This answers the question “but how do I GET email addresses?!” You’ll create one that you can post in your link in bio or send to email addresses you have in your contact list.
  3. Develop a freebie. This can be a how-to or a quick reference guide for something related to your business. Whatever it is, it meets an actual need your clients/customers have!
  4. Write a welcome sequence. You wouldn’t throw a party without introducing guests to each other. You’d show them around your house, help them find the snacks, and introduce them to your best people. That’s the same concept with a welcome sequence! Show them around and let them know what they’ll experience. 
  5. Start emailing! Your people WANT to hear from you! Talk to them about the product or service you offer, but only do that once you’ve connected with them on a personal level, either through a story or a life update. 

If you’re reading this and thinking, but Emily, I’m a small business owner! I do all things for my business… and now I also need to figure out the time to write a clever email?? 

Same girl, same. This is why I hired a team to help me. Corrie Myers is an email copywriter and she helps me pull this off so that I can focus on what I love and what I do best. Want to get email marketing off the ground but want someone else to wrap their head around it for you? Call Corrie!



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