postpartum hair loss

How to manage postpartum hair

I have officially hit the wonderful 4 month hair loss postpartum stage. The other day I could literally hear my hair strands ping-ing out of my scalp. I shed a tear on behalf of every single strand. 

Although there are many beautiful moments in motherhood, I wouldn’t count this as one of them. And if this is your first go around, you can thank me later for the heads up because when I was a first time mom, this fell in the category of “things people don’t tell you”.

(Psst… want to read Tripp’s birth story? Click here!)

Between swimming nearly everyday, summertime perspiration, and hiding the bald spots around my hairline, I’ve whipped up a few hair styling tips and ideas to get me through this season. I hope they’re helpful for you, too!

Hair Clips

Thank goodness this trend from the early 2000s has re-appeared at just the right time. Requires absolutely no effort. And in my opinion… the messier the better!! 

Hats: Stylish

I bought this hat in Colorado a couple years back, and I still reach for it!! It’s comfy, hasn’t lost its shape, covers my face from the sun and gives me a seemingly “put together” look without revealing my dirty hair underneath. Or in this case, my balding scalp. 

Hats: Sporty

I’m not a golfer, but my husband bought me this hat when we were in AZ. I love the snapback flex fit combo…. the fit is the best “sporty” look I’ve ever had, thank you Travis Mathew. 

Switching up the hair style…

Middle part

Just like you can train your brain to learn new things, you can also train your hair to do the same. Thanks to Tik Tok for making every single mom rethink her part…. go ahead and give it a shot. It might end up looking better than you think. Quick tip: if you are changing your hair up from a side part, be sure to wear it in the middle for a few days to give it a real chance. Allow yourself some time to adjust!!!

Low bun: Sleek

Low bun: pulled out tendrils

Monat Rejuveniqe Oil

I put the oil on my scalp before I go to bed on the affected areas, then sleep in it. In the morning I wash my hair and hope it’s worked its magic overnight! This product promotes hair regrowth as well as maintaining a healthy scalp.

It doesn’t feel right not to let it all show, so here is the proof! Okay, friends. What else you got? Feel free to pass along the ideas to help this postpartum mama!



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