How to prep hair, makeup, and skin for your wedding day

All right brides. I see you over there, Pinning all the things and bookmarking pictures you want to show your photographer. Meanwhile you’re negotiating your guest list like you’re defending a bill in Congress, sending cute packages to your bridesmaids, and trying to fit in a date night with your fiancé that doesn’t include wedding talk alone. 

But girl, don’t forget to take care of YOU! 

I wish I could go to coffee with each of my brides to prep them for their wedding and give them a plan, but Lord knows you don’t have time for that in the middle of cake testing and engagement shoots.

I started my professional hair and makeup artist before Beyonce went solo, and before blowouts were something you could do on your way home from Target. Yep, I’ve been doing this for a while. 

So as I think about the 16 weddings I have booked in the next few months, and more specifically, the 16 brides who want to look and feel their absolute best on their most important day, here’s what I want them to know:

Take notes, honey. 


  • Day of: Wash and blow out your hair the day before your wedding and the day before your trial run. Style it however you want it and use the products you typically use. On the day of the wedding take a body shower and leave your hair up to your stylist.  Please do not arrive to your trial or wedding day with wet or even damp hair, unless discussed with your stylist prior. 
  • Dying: If you dye your hair, make your appointment with your hairdresser for 1-2 weeks before your wedding. No last minute streaks to fix!
  • Extensions: If you want temporary clip-in hair extensions for your big day, Barefoot Blonde hair has quality hair to choose from. They’ll send you 3-5 color sample swatches to color match your hair at home and then you can purchase various lengths and extension options. They also offer Zoom appointments!


Don’t neglect this part! Taking care of your skin in the months before your wedding is key, and I see brides skipping this all the time. When your skin is healthy and nourished, your makeup looks just that much better in person and in photos/video. (What we all want, right?!)

A regimen includes 4 steps:

  1. Cleanse (cleanser) 
  2. Prep (toner) 
  3. Treat (serum) 
  4. Protect (moisturizer) 

Pro tip: Repeating your regimen every night and every morning will yield maximum results. 

On the day of your makeup trial and wedding day, wash your face, tone your skin, skip the serum but don’t forget to moisturize— your skin can never be too hydrated. Serums can sometimes create a peeling look on your skin with the makeup; avoid it before your makeup is professionally applied.

A few other reminders when it comes to skin:

  • Hydrate topically with moisturizers and serums, and don’t forget to hydrate internally with water, collagen and vitamins. Those are the magic ingredients to radiant skin.
  • Avoid sunburns at all costs as it causes your skin to dry out and peel. This is almost impossible to hide with makeup. 
  • If you don’t have a skincare regimen or don’t know where to start, I would love to help you!! Take this skincare quiz and send me the results so I can give you a full consultation!


Add teeth whitening to your daily regimen! I love the Pearly Pen because it’s quick, easy, and gives you instant results. (No seran-wrap whitening stuff over here!) Don’t forget to pair it with the Pearly Tooth Brush and use code Barton50 for 50% off your order. 

Spray Tan

Let’s be honest, everyone wants a little extra glow on their wedding day! When it comes to spray tans, here are my tips:

  • First, consult your photographer about your spray tan prior to committing to the tan.
  • Do a trial run with the spray tan artist and consult her for the preparation and maintenance of your tan. 
  • Get your spray tan 2-3 days before your wedding so that your skin has adjusted.

Eyelash Extensions

I love eyelash extensions, and I’m also a fan of false lash strips. Here are my thoughts on extensions:

  • If you have eyelash extensions and are wanting to maintain them after the wedding, I say go for it. Just make sure you plan your appointments to have at least one eyelash extension fill one week before the wedding day. 
  • Don’t try your first eyelash extension application right before the wedding in case you have an adverse reaction to the lashes/glue.
  • If you are going to do the extensions, it is helpful to have them done at the time of the makeup trial run so you can get the full idea of your makeup look for your wedding. 
  • If you don’t want to commit to the time and cost of eyelash extensions, no worries, babe! I can create a very similar look with temporary fake eyelashes. 

Eyebrow Maintenance

Whether you get your eyebrows threaded or waxed or you tweeze them on your own, have them maintained for both the trial and the wedding day. I would recommend having your appointment 1- 1 1/5 weeks prior to your event. 


Start any professional facial and skin treatments no later than 6 months out. Keep them regular and consistent. Don’t plan on doing any skin treatments so that you won’t be healed/recovered from too close to your day. Random red bumps and rashes? No, thank you.

All right babe, you feel ready? I know there’s a lot you’re thinking about as you get ready for your wedding day, but I mean it when I say don’t forget to take care of you. When you’re cleansing at night or booking your eyebrow appointment, enjoy it. Take it in. Let it be your little act of self-care while you manage the mental load of planning a wedding. 

And may it slow you down enough to remember what this day is all about you: you and your fiancé making the most important commitment to love, and to each other.



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