Speaking event: The goodness of God

When I was about two months postpartum, I got a call from a woman asking if I would share my story.

I was in the throes of all things newborn life… little sleep, just trying to keep my head above water as I figured out how to manage life with three kids.

But this woman asked and while I’m not a public speaker, I do believe God has given me a story. So I said yes.

I’m sure you’ve had this experience at some point… you said yes to something that felt right even though it felt wayyy out of your comfort zone.

When that happens you have a deep conviction, but it doesn’t necessarily change your circumstances. So even as I prepared, I struggled with not feeling equipped, with having too much going on, with dealing with sick kids, etc.

But I knew God had dropped this opportunity in my lap, so I leaned in. 

Last week I got to speak at Cornerstone Church’s Women’s Kick-off Event and share about the goodness of God– even when things don’t go our way.

To watch my share my story— our family’s story— click the link below. My talk starts at 47 minutes in.



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  1. […] ya I will NEVER use the principles from this class in my life. Jokes on me. I had the opportunity to share my story with the women’s ministry at Cornerstone Church in Chowchilla and I walked away from that event […]

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