Emily Barton reviews her 2020 and 2021 plans

2021 Year in Review

As we round out another VERY full year, I carved out some time to reflect and think through the highlights—for me and my family. 

Oh, and if you want a trip down memory lane, here is my 2020 year in review!

2021 Year in Review

Two intensive PT programs for Jax 

Jaxlee did two separate rounds of a 3 week Intensive Physical Therapy program (one in January, one in August). The progress she makes during and following the program is more substantial than any other therapy we have ever done (and trust me when I say we have done a lot). Jaxlee has started taking consecutive independent steps—without her walker—regularly around the house. She wants to walk on her own so badly and continues to work so stinking hard to make it happen. Spoiler alert: we are going to keep doing these intensive PT programs because the opportunity is just too good to pass up. Here is a full recap of the PT program.

Over 1,000 Beautycounter Clients 

Broke 1K threshold, customers I’ve gotten clean products in the hands of throughout the life of my business with Beautycounter. When I started my Beautycounter business, I had a narrow mindset of helping my friends & family switch their personal care products and makeup products to cleaner non toxic products. I quickly learned the need to educate way more than just my friends & family about the ingredients in the products they are using on their bodies every single day and how it impacts our health. 

We added baby boy Tripp and became a family of five 

This year we welcomed our third child and first boy. We named him Tripp Steele and our family was not complete without him. It’s been so fun to experience a boy and watch both girls be big sisters to their baby brother. Missed his birth story? Here it is

Taking care of myself in a new way! 

Self wellness (self development) This year I got to the point where I was desperate to learn some tools to care for my mental health. 

Physical Therapy for my back pain- Caring for a child with special needs inevitably takes a toll on mama. I am in this for the long haul so this year (and after my 3rd baby) I started taking the initiative to heal my back pain. Since the summer I have gone to Physical Therapy at least once a week to address the pain. I am grateful for the progress and pain relief my commitment to myself has brought. 

Exercise- Not only the physical benefits it has given me but the mental clarity and release it has given me has been reason enough to continue to show up for myself day in and day out even when I don’t feel like it. 

25 Weddings for Hair and Makeup

When I moved back to Visalia, I came up with the number of 25 weddings a year. I needed to determine this number so I would not overdo myself. I didn’t want to find myself in a place where I had too many weddings booked for this mom of 3 to handle. 25 was the magic number and I hit it on the head. 

Braedy started preschool! 

Braedy started preschool this year and it’s been the best thing for her and I both. To watch her grow and mature over the year has been so fun (oh and of course challenging… she is 2 after all). It’s been something she looks forward to every week and it’s been something that she has all of her own. When she comes home singing a new song or praying for our family meal my heart bursts into a million pieces in the best way. 

My first speaking engagement 

I remember in college I took a class called “public speaking” and thought ya I will NEVER use the principles from this class in my life. Jokes on me. I had the opportunity to share my story with the women’s ministry at Cornerstone Church in Chowchilla and I walked away from that event that night knowing God used my story to connect and encourage these ladies. 

5 years with Beautycounter 

I have been committed to getting safer products into the hands of everyone for 5 years now. My journey and business continues to change and evolve over time, but my passion for educating everyone about clean beauty remains the same. A huge THANK YOU to all my clients and teammates for partnering with me on this journey. YOU are the reason I do what I do and you fuel my fire to keep on keepin’ on!

Couples getaway with Jonny 

Okay ya, Tripp came too, but he was so young it was easy! We try to get away just the two of us at least once a year because we know our marriage needs and deserves that devoted time together. We were able to start and finish a full conversation and spend some much needed time together. These trips are essential for us to reconnect and strengthen our marriage. 

I love writing this blog because it forces me to look back, which is something I don’t do very often. I am an onward and upward thinker so when I take some time to reflect on this past

often. I am an onward and upward thinker so when I take some time to reflect on this past year it does two things… It makes me so stinking grateful, both for what we had and what we’re looking forward to. 



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