Beautycounter cream shadow tutorial

3 Ways to Wear Beautycounter’s Cream Eyeshadow

I hear from my clients all the time, “I don’t know how to do eyeshadow.” Although I wish I could pop into your bathroom every morning and do it for you, I have the next best thing to get you feeling confident about your simple & easy eyeshadow looks.

Yes, it really did just get easier. 

Beautycounter just released 10 new eyeshadows in a cream formula. Each shade is individual, so no pressure to buy a pallet for just a few shadows you will actually wear. The applicator wand and your fingers are all you need to get started.   

The cream shadow formula is lightweight, crease-free and doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like talc.

Here are a few tips to make it easy as A-B-C, or 1-2-3, which is realistically all the time I have in life right now. #momoflittlekids

  1. Wear a single shade across your entire eyelid… inner corners, brow bone and all. Take a lighter shade, like luster, aura, or gleam
  1. Use the cream shadow as an eyeliner. Grab one of the bolder shades like ember, dusk, or prism and use the top of the wand to apply a soft smudgy line along the top of your lid, lower lash line or both! 
  1. Create a defined smokey eye with the darker pigments, using the flattened side of the applicator in the outer corners of your eye blending in towards your nose. To blend the pigment onto your lid, use your right finger in a dabbing circular motion. Tones like flash, sepia & ember create a bolder look without being too over to top. 

Bonus: you can use the lighter shades as a cream highlight on other areas of your face, too! Try it out on the bridge of your nose, cupid’s bow & cheekbones.

Aaaaaand, what the full tutorial here:

Okay friends, if you were wanting to up your eye shadow game without all the hassle of matching colors and using the right brush, jump on this cream shadow goodness from Beautycounter. 



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