How to Book More Weddings in 2024: A Guide for Up-and-Coming Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists

Have you been moonlighting as a bridal hair and makeup artist for friends and family but aren’t quite sure how to take it to the next level? Like stepping from the shallow end into the deep, transitioning from hobby to career as a bridal hair and makeup artist can feel overwhelming. 

But don’t worry, babe! I’ve navigated these waters and I’m here to throw you a lifeline!


Let’s go.

Build a Strong Online Presence for Bridal HMU Artists

We all know how crucial it is to maintain an online presence. But don’t just look at Instagram as the be all, end all. 

A professional website that showcases your expertise is the game-changer when it comes to landing higher-end clients. It not only showcases your work, but it showcases your professionalism. And on a bride’s most important day, they want an expert caring for them! With that, I encourage you to work on your SEO to get on the top of search results, especially since most HMU artists are location-specific.

Because so much of the wedding industry emphasizes visual production, a strong social media marketing approach is HUGE! Showcase your work in your feed and in your stories. Document the in-between moments when you’re on a wedding site because that is SUPER attractive to brides who are on the hunt for their type of HMU artist!

And remember, no one can tell your story better than the clients who love you, so encourage them to leave client reviews and testimonials with a friendly follow-up email and clear instructions.

Showcase Your Expertise

A bride doesn’t want a stranger dolling her up on the most important day of her life, right? So, make her feel comfortable by letting your portfolio do the talking.

Collaborate with wedding photographers for styled shoots and participate in bridal fairs and expos. Use social media to show your portfolio, as that’s usually where brides will first look.

On your website, emails, and social, sharing educational content and tips through blog posts and videos will position you as an expert and someone the bride will want on her wedding day. 

It’s also a great way to share helpful information and win them over in the booking process. (Need help with emails? I have email templates JUST for bridal hair and makeup artists!)

Target Your Ideal Clients

I serve brides looking for a luxury experience, but who want a natural look on for their hair and makeup. I also know that my brides shop at BHLD and wear Tom Ford lipstick. These little details impact the messaging on every channel!

Think through your target audience for brides based on your style and the type of client you like working with.

Once you know who you’re aiming for, tailor your marketing message so that the right brides resonate with them. Collaborate with wedding planners and venues, and offer services or packages that cater to your client’s preferences.

Networking for Bridal HMU Artists 

In the spirit of collaboration in the wedding industry, imagine you’re in the zone, curling the bride’s hair, prepping for a stunning updo. The wedding photographer and videographer arrive, cameras in hand, ready to capture those crucial getting-ready shots. Early on, you may just want to keep your head down and focused on your work.

But, let’s rewrite that script!

The next time you’re working on a bridal hairdo and another vendor walks in, instead of retreating into a shell, put on a warm smile and embrace the moment. Take a brief pause, introduce yourself, and express your excitement about working with them that day.

A compliment about their work or a simple word of encouragement can help build rapport. Remember, everyone likes to hear “I love your work!”

When you’re done with your work of art (because let’s face it, each updo is a masterpiece!), give them your card or share your social media handles. Ask if you could have some of the pictures from the wedding day – they’re not just great for your portfolio but a great way to stay connected.

Make sure you have your bride ready on time, or even better, a little ahead of schedule. Photographers and event coordinators will appreciate this professionalism. Stick to this playbook, and you’ll find yourself on their top referral lists when brides ask for hair & makeup recommendations.

Provide Excellent Customer Service for Brides

The bride-to-be is not just looking for a stylist, she’s looking for an honorary bridesmaid who can make her day stress-free. Communicate promptly, professionally, and set her at ease. Offer consultations and trials to understand her needs and provide personalized recommendations. 

Believe me, going that extra mile to exceed her expectations can turn a one-time booking into a lifetime referral.

Think about this – when the wedding dust has settled, and life gets back to its routine, a heartfelt, handwritten note from you on her 6th month or 1-year anniversary can brighten up your bride’s day.

Remind her of the fun times you had together and express your gratitude for letting you be part of her special day. Along with your note, include a business card or informational sheet about your bridal services. Who knows, she might have a bestie who just got engaged and is in search of a talented hair and makeup artist like you!

Remember, excellent customer service isn’t just about the day-of. It’s about building and maintaining relationships and turning happy clients into lifelong advocates for your business.

Tracking Wedding Bookings and Analyzing Your Results

Don’t be afraid to look at the data. Remember, knowledge is power!

Use analytics for bridal HMU artists to monitor your website traffic and engagement. Track the source of client inquiries and bookings, and evaluate the success of different marketing strategies.

Ask yourself: 

  • Where have most of my clients come from? I.e. Instagram, website, word-of-mouth? 
  • What vendors have I worked with, and which vendors have resulted in booked clients? Identify who those vendors are and make sure you thank them and stay connected. 
  • How many of my clients have come through the inquiry process on my website or have stayed in DMs or text? How did those testimonials turn out? When you analyze your process and how that’s connected to better testimonials, you can pinpoint how to improve your process and select right-fit clients.

I encourage you to review these answers and make data-driven adjustments that enhance your process and booking rate!

All right, babe. I promise, booking more weddings in 2024 doesn’t have to feel like learning TikTok dances at 2 a.m. 

Tackle the tips in this blog, or check out my freebie, “10 mistakes to avoid as a bridal hair and makeup artist” to really level up your biz!

So grab your caboodles and let’s get ready to conquer the world, one blushing bride at a time!



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