My All Time Favorite Business Tools

As a bridal HMUA (hair and makeup artist, in case you didn’t know!), it can feel like there’s one miiiillionnn things that need to happen before the wedding day even gets here. 

It’s not just packing up brushes, shadow pallets, bobby pins, more brushes, hairspray (and oh-so-many-other things). Bridal HMUAs are business owners. Not only do we have to know our craft well, we have contracts, emails, invoices, and all the many things that come with being a business owner, too. 

When I started my business, I was so excited to do what I loved and provide for my family, but I was also quickly underwater with what it takes to be a business owner. And in the last 15 years as a bridal stylist, I’ve tried all sorts of tools to help stay on top of my inbox, get my invoices paid, and send contracts (juuust in case something goes awry). 

Of all the tools and systems I tried out, I’ve found my absolute favs that have helped me get my systems running smoothly so I can *mostly* focus on making brides feel beautiful! So let me save you 15 years of trying to figure it all out and check out my list of favorite tools to take your bridal beauty biz from un-organized chaos to a well-oiled, money makin’ machine!! 

Here we go 🎉🎉


Have you heard the term CRM? That’s what Honeybook is!! It’s just a fancy way of saying this is where I keep track of all my clients. My inquiry form is connected to Honeybook, so from the first very point of contact, their name (and all the details I require on my contact form) is in Honeybook. 

All of my emails go through Honeybook, too! So I respond to clients, send contracts, share my pricing PDF … all things related to booking my brides live in Honeybook. And it is 

I can’t recommend it enough!! You can get 35% off your first year right here


Email marketing is key to staying in touch with your audience. I aim to send an email every week to my list to keep in touch with past brides, bridesmaids, girls who inquired but didn’t book, my beautycounter clients and anyone else on my list! 

There’s a LOT of different sites that allow you to email a list, but Flodesk is by far my favorite. It’s super simple to use and has the most beautiful templates out there… this was one of the things that sold me for sure was the aesthetic of their templates. Flodesk is the DREAM for email marketing for the bridal biz owner who’s just getting started with a list to the 15-year experienced HMUA who’s been emailing her list for years! 

Get 50% off your first of Flodesk with my link here.

Email Templates

Have you ever noticed that you’re sending basically the same email over and over and over with just a few detail shifts? I was too. Every inquiry needed the same response about my availability and pricing. Then there’s the booking email, the follow up email, booking the trial run … it’s SO many emails!!! 

That’s why I created email templates with the 18 emails I was sending time and time again. There’s a template for every situation, from booking to pricing to asking for photos after the wedding! 

Even better, you don’t have to write them because I’m sharing mine with you! My templates are here for you to use as your own. But let me tell you these are not just “basic” templates- the wording and copy are engaging, full of personality and speak right to the needs of every client.

Pricing Calculator

It took me a lot of late nights thinking about my value, the cost of the products I use, and gas money, not to mention providing for my family’s food, school supplies, doctor’s visits … pricing is SO loaded! 

After 15 years in the industry, I’ve come up with a simple calculator to price your bridal services to replace your corporate job or hit your income goals. Clarity in pricing is key for both your brides (while they figure out their budget) and YOU (so you can feel good about your work and keep loving it). 

It’s only $25 for you to use, too. Pricing help is yours 🤑

Whether you’re just getting started or have been in the bridal biz for a while, tools that help you work smarter (not harder) have made my life so much easier. I hope the tools I share help you, too. And if you’ve got your own favs, I want to hear about them!! 



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