Clean Beauty in the Bridal Business

I’m all about non-toxic living– from cleaning products to what’s in our refrigerator, I do what I can to have a clean household for the health of me and my family. When Jaxlee was born with CP, I dove head first into all the ways I could serve her in helping her develop and thrive & non-toxic living became an apparent and majorly impactful change that I could make.

And one of my favorite brands for the non-tox life is Beautycounter (read about my story with BC here). The intersection of my clean living focus and my passion for makeup, skincare and all things beauty!! It’s seriously the best. I went from being a product junkie, not worried about the ingredients on the back of a bottle to knowing not just what the ingredients were, but how dramatically they impacted my health and the health of our family. 

So how do I use clean beauty when I’m doing makeup applications on my clients? 

Some brides love that I use non-toxic products and others question if their makeup will stay on all night. I get it!! We’re all at a different place with what products we love and frankly, some perform better than others, non-toxic or not! 

That’s why I use BOTH for all my clients!! I use a combo of clean beauty products that I know and love (and will totally last all night) and I mix in the not-so-healthy makeup that just looks so.dang.good. I can’t NOT use it! And well if I am being honest, on the most important days of your life… you can handle a little not-so-clean makeup. 

Although I don’t know every single one of my clients personally before they sit in my chair, I care for each of them on a personal level. Throughout my 15 year career as a hair & makeup artist, I truly have seen it all. Infertility, autoimmune disorders, cancer in the past or currently battling cancer, genetic predispositions, skin conditions that don’t seem to have a solution… the list goes on. I have often heard the saying, “once you know something, you can’t un-know it.” Knowledge is power, so after everything I have learned (and keep learning everyday) I am going to do what I can in my own power to make a difference in the lives of my clients. 

My personal caboodle

While my bridal makeup kit is about 50/50 non-toxic, my own makeup is about 90% clean … in fact, my whole life is about 90% clean! Because while I totally condone using the (not so clean) airbrushed makeup on your wedding day, it is what you use on your skin day after day that really counts.  I seriously believe there’s no such thing as perfect. I also believe that striving for perfection in clean living will stress you out. Honestly, all that stress will probably be worse for you than any healthy living could undo!!! 

That’s why my life is a balance of doing what I can, but not stressing about every little thing being perfect. Going green doesn’t have to feel like a chore. You don’t have to give up looking good for the sake of your health. You can have both!!

Whether you’re all in on clean living or just dipping your toe in a healthier lifestyle, I hope you give yourself grace to be somewhere in the middle with me– doing our best and living life to the fullest! 



P.S. See some of my favorite products on my favs page!!!

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