Slowing Down to See His Work

Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is upon us and the messes and busy schedules are piling up!!! It is so easy to get distracted in this season. Between cashing in on Black Friday sales, preparing for the kids to go back to school and business to speed up again, cleaning the kitchen counter over and over and over … the why behind it all slips away from me so easily. 

I found myself on Sunday going bonkers on my house— cleaning and organizing and getting rid of everything I could. I know a lot of new is about to come in as we host throughout the season and gifts are exchanged. 

So as I was cleaning things out, I posted some items on Facebook marketplace. I was hoping for a little Christmas cash in exchange for my Marie Kondo work, but things just weren’t selling. 

After a little bit, I made the items free instead to get someone to come take it out of my site!! That’s when a mom messaged me and wanted the playmat I had listed. I asked her if she had a little girl and might also be interested in a play barn and horses I wanted to get rid of too. 

Well, she not only had a daughter that she would gladly take all the toys off my hands for, but she let me know that she checked out my profile and they were awaiting a Cerebral Palsy diagnosis for their little girl. 

Full stop. In all my hustle and bustle, mad-dash cleaning and hoping to make a few bucks off old toys, God had been orchestrating a beautiful connection. 

I told this mom about my blog (hey, you’re here!) and how it is my joy and privilege to speak to moms in the special needs community as we navigate life together. We chatted and plan to stay connected as neighbors and CP mamas. 

This encounter was such a beautiful reminder that in the busy-ness of this season, He is still working. And when we pause and are open to changing plans (like giving things away instead of selling them), we find new beauty that we didn’t know was waiting for us. 

It’s my prayer that in this full season you find time to take a moment and remember what it’s all about. Slow down long enough to see what God is doing in your life and all around you. He is always at work!!!

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