Working Hard for My Goals

As someone who always wants to grow, I like to set goals each year both in my business and in my personal life. The process of setting goals allows me to assess where things are at and what I want to work toward. And I am not shy in my goals!!! 

Setting Intentions

I’ve had my Beautycounter business for 7 years now and each year I’ve set bold goals to help drive my determination throughout the year. And in 2017 I was going for something major. 

If you didn’t know, Beautycounter advocates for clean beauty laws (you can read more about our advocacy work here). And in 2018 I wanted to be one of the California representatives for a trip to Washington D.C. to lobby before congress for safer beauty laws. 

My performance in the business, the performance of my team members, overall sales … it was all part of earning this spot. And in California there are a lot of top performing Beautycounter consultants, so the competition was steep (I’m taking a NY Times best selling author, influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers— some of the top performers in the company). 

The competition in California only fueled my fire, though!! I was determined and now that I had a goal my scrappy grit was in full force. I shared my goals out loud in Facebook lives, social media posts, at beautycounter makeup parties, all. the. things. 

The Result of Determination & Grit

And through major determination and the BEST community, I earned one of two spots!!!! 

This small-town girl who is definitely not a best selling author! It was the trip of a lifetime and a lesson I have carried with me ever since— setting clear goals, speaking them out loud, and working my tail off is worth it!!! 

It’s my hope that this underdog moment of mine encourages you to not be afraid to set goals and go for them. You can be a small-town girl with wayyy less followers than someone else, but if you work hard you can achieve what you set out to do. 

And Now …

In these last three weeks of 2023, I’m going for another major goal in my Beautycounter business and I want to cheer you on in the goals you’re closing out the year with and setting for 2024. 

What goals are you saying “can’t stop, won’t stop” to at the end of this year? Let’s make it happen, together!!! 

And if you’ve shopped Beautycounter with me in 2023, thank you for being part of the goal I’m going for. I wouldn’t be where I am in business without this amazing community and I am SO grateful for you!!!

Let’s close this year with a bang and go for our goals with all we’ve got now and in 2024!!! 



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