Your Website is Holding You Back

“Send me your website!” 

Me: 😭🙃🫠

If you’re an entrepreneur, you might be familiar with this feeling. When someone asks for your website link, you want to curl into a ball and give them 100 other options for connecting with you that are not your self-made, sorta embarrassing website. 

Girl, I’ve been there. My website was not my favorite for a loooong time and when brides found me and wanted to see my work, I was more inclined to personally text photos to every single one than give them my website. But there’s just not enough time in the day to be doing that, so I knew my website needed an upgrade. I wanted something I was not only proud to send to people, but that showed my personality, my work & converted them to clients without my hand holding!

So, what did I do …?

I knew to have a website that feels personal, makes me proud and CONVERTS, I’d need amazing copy. (Yep, your website is a whole lot more than pretty design). 

And as an entrepreneur, I know that there are things I can do and learn myself. And then, there are things that are better left to an expert. 

Enter: Corrie Myers. 

Talk about expert!!! Corrie is a brand voice, website and email copywriter and she quite literally changed my business. 

Working with Corrie on my website helped me: 

🗣️ Find my voice & be comfortable writing the way I talk to allow my audience to know me

✍🏼 Write copy I’m soooo proud to share

✨ Hand over copy to my designer so she could easily build out the site 

🗓️ Convert clients just on my website!!! Now, I share my website with brides & they book! I don’t have to DM, text, call, all-the-comms with anyone one on one for them to know what I’m about and if we’re the right fit for her wedding day

The impact of copy you love

Not only did working with Corrie give me the results I needed, but it impacted my personal understanding of my own voice, the importance of writing consistently in my own voice (not trying to sound all smart for you, just showing up as me!) & why blogs, newsletters & a strong website matter!! 

She’s a huge part of why I write here, why I send an email every week, and why I am BEAMING when someone asks for my website link!!! 

Your website might need a revamp, too.

Are you excited to share your website? Maybe it’s been on your to-do list foreverrrr to redo that homemade site with words that don’t really say much and leave people asking more questions or closing their computer and forgetting about you …

Getting my website off my to-do list and DONE has changed how I view my business (#legit) and brought me confidence worth more than gold!!! Ready to make these changes for yourself? 

My bestie copywriter Corrie has an offer for you that I am so excited to share with you: Website Copy Classroom 🎉🎉🎉

Here’s the gist:

💻You’ll get the exact Google Doc templates I use to write copy my clients (and their designers) love for Home, About, and Services pages. 

💻Six weeks of LIVE training and feedback 

💻Slack access for ongoing feedback about ALL of your copy


☀️ BONUS #1: Organize and optimize testimonials to elevate credibility and boost conversions.

☀️ BONUS #2: Write a contact page that seals the deal with your prospects

You’ll walk away with:

✅ How to explain your services clearly and what your brand voice is

✅ Home page copy that compels and sells

✅ About page copy that aligns your story with your audience’s

✅ Services page copy that breaks down your offers clearly and succinctly

…All with hands-on feedback and encouragement from an expert copywriter.

It’s happening March 5th through April 16th on Tuesdays at 10am on Zoom & I seriously know it will change your business!!! 

The investment is $797 pay in full or $275/month for three months. Like I said– worth it’s weight in gold!!!

Click right here to learn more! 

And if you want to talk to the copywriter extraordinaire herself, you can email Corrie at or find her on Voxer @corriemyers. 

Want some proof of her work? Check out my website 🫶🏼



P.S. As a business owner, I’m really careful with what I invest in and what I recommend to my people. Working with Corrie has been the MOST worthy investment I’ve made in my 10+ years in business and I wouldn’t be sharing this if I didn’t really believe it will make a difference for you.

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