How to use Beautycounter’s NEW Better Blender + Concealer

Maybe it’s the kids who don’t sleep, maybe it’s our work that keeps us up too late, or mayyyybe we’re just getting older and wiser and it’s starting to show. But there are often mornings where we wake up feeling like we need a little touch up, right? This is when we want to make sure we’ve got a plan to give us the right coverage before we hop on a Zoom call or are meeting up with friends. 

I’ve got you COVERED today with Beautycounter’s NEW Better Blender and SkinTwin Creamy Concealer

A few weeks ago I talked about our fan favorite products for all things coverage: Dew Skin Moisturizer and Skin Twin Foundation

Just last week, Beautycounter came out with TWO new products to make that “looks like I slept last night” feeling possible. 

Enter Beautycounter’s Better Blender and Creamy Concealer. Let’s break each of them down and why you absolutely want them in your cart, like, yesterday. 

The Better Blender:

This triple-threat reusable makeup sponge gives you a flawless finish from every angle. Here’s what you need to know:

  • BUILD: with the flat surface for flexible light-medium foundation coverage.
  • BLEND: with the precision tip for targeted concealer application.
  • BUFF: with the rounded edge for diffusing and reducing shine with loose powder.

SkinTwin Creamy Concealer:

You’re going to be obsessed with this undetectable coverage with ingredients that actually DO GOOD for your skin! Thank you, plant-derived knotgrass for extract making us look less sleepy while boosting my skin’s smoothness. 

This Creamy Concealer pairs perfectly with your Skin Twin Foundation. But I prefer a bit lighter look under my eyes, so I always go a notch below my Skin Twin color. 

How to use:

Watch this video of me applying both!

  1. Start by spraying the better blender with water or the Counter+ Brightening Facial Mist
  2. Take your concealer wand and dab product underneath your eyes, down the middle of your face, and any other areas of your face that need fuller coverage.
  3. Using an up and down motion, start working the concealer into your skin with the rounded tip side of your better blender.
  4. Add a pea size of foundation to your index finger and dab it on your forehead, cheeks, skin, and nose.
  5. Start working the foundation into your skin with the blender using the same up and down dabbing motion
  6. As the product distributes throughout your face, your foundation and concealer will fuse together, offering you a flawless coverage look.

Once the foundation is blended, your face should be monotone — like a blank canvas, ready for the rest of your makeup application. 

If you want help picking out the right shade of concealer, leave a note in the comments or email me at

Here’s to feeling a bit lighter and brighter in the morning!

Enjoy that glamorously green life. You deserve it!



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