Our growing family!

Jonny and I both grew up in big families. So when we first got married and dreamed of what our family would look like, we wanted that big family feel– lots of kids at the dinner table and siblings to both get annoyed with and be protective over. 

After Jaxlee was born, there was a time where I wasn’t sure if I wanted more kids. Her needs were (and still are) all-encompassing. I was in over my head for a handful of years. 

As time went on, I realized that I wanted more for her. And I wanted more for our family. I had the desire to experience more children. We prayed in hopes to experience what a typical developing child would be like.

When we were blessed with our second child, Braedy, a whole new world opened up to me. I saw life through a new lens, and I saw how a sibling will only give us all a fuller life. Best of all, Jaxlee gives her sibling a fuller life, too!

We have so much more capacity to love and give than we think we have. As I have said before, I don’t take for granted the gift of life and all the intricacies it takes to conceive & grow a healthy baby. 

It is because of our journey that I am SO grateful to share that we are expecting our third baby in March of 2021. 

What a gift it is to watch our family grow, and now to see the girls excited about it as well. We can’t wait to meet this baby next year!



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  1. Jessica Steffey says:

    Congrats Emily and family! Blessings to you all! 👶🏻

  2. Brenda says:

    Congratulations Emily! This makes me so happy! I remember after having Rachel and Jackie I felt I needed one more child…my husband was a bit hesitant due to financial reasons, but I convinced him and literally that night…I was pregnant! Sarah completes our family and I couldn’t feel more blessed to have 3 girls…and now 5 grandchildren! You have so much love to add to your beautiful family! Congrats…you look beautiful! xo

  3. Cathryn Arndt says:

    Congrats Emily! What a gift God has given you and your hubby! Praying for your growing family!

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