How to level up your makeup for holiday gatherings

This weekend our friends and I had a Friendsgiving and let me tell you— it gave me SO much life. I got to prepare a homemade cranberry sauce, coordinate my outfit and new boots, and spend some time in the mirror getting myself ready. Yep, I actually got to put on makeup in front of the mirror in my bedroom and NOT while sitting in my car or with a time crunch of 5 minutes. Praise. 

When we walked in our friend’s house, cranberry dish and kids in tow, it felt like the holidays. The fire was burning and the kids were loud– all things that remind me of the joy of the season. It was amazing.

I am overflowing with gratitude and NOT just because of the good food. Let’s be honest, ladies, getting to do fun makeup is a TREAT in and of itself. 

So for today’s blog, I put together a little video tutorial of me putting on my favorite holiday look for the season. Whether you’ve got a Zoom work party or a gathering with your favorite people, let’s add some joy to our life by taking care of us for a few minutes. 

Here is the video tutorial, friends!

Aaaand, here is a list of all the products I used. Maybe Santa will arrive early for you?? I think he should.

1. Beautycounter Skin Twin Foundation in 310,  Skin Twin Creamy Concealer in light 1,  applied with damp Beautycounter Better Blender

2. BC Brilliant Brow Gel in medium

3. Beautycounter Golden Hour All-In-One Pallette, using the Essential Brush Set

Using: Blush Horizon, Highlight Beam, Ray & Dawn

4. Velvet Eyeshadow Palette – Classic 

5. Crunchi Cosmetics Bronzer

6. Thrive Causemetics Mascara

7. Eyeliner Pencil in Violet

8. Lip gloss in Irish Shimmer from Beyond Gloss Trio.

Whether you need to level up your makeup for a work Christmas party or Thanksgiving with your family, you’ve got it covered! It means moving your schedule around just a bit to give yourself some me time… but it’s 100% worth it.

Enjoy that glamorously green life. You deserve it!



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