What’s in my (Beautycounter) cart this Christmas!

I’m up reallllly early on the weekends these days. My alarm goes off before I hear the chickens or my kids and I’m up gettin’ ready for the day because it’s WEDDING SEASON, ya’ll! For 13 years, I’ve been a professional hair and makeup artist. While I don’t book nearly as many weddings as I used to, it’s still a part of my life that I love. 

And every weekend while the bridesmaids are bustling around looking for their necklace or the bride is trying to calm her nerves, someone undoubtedly asks, what kind of makeup do you use?

A lot of people know our family likes to live a pretty clean, green life. But some people just aren’t sure a toxin-free makeup brand can do that job.

Let me tell you, friends, Beautycounter can do it all. What’s in my makeup bag every weekend when I’m getting brides all ready for their day? Beautycounter and my other must-have clean makeup products. 

Yep, the clean lifestyle is in every corner of my business and personal life.

So, with Christmas just a few weeks away (!!), I thought I’d reveal not just what’s in my makeup bag, but what’s in my shopping cart. 

You can shop the gift guide I put out last week (I’m obsessed), but aren’t you just a little curious what I’m putting in MY cart for my friends?? And yes, since Beautycounter is having their 15% off sale, you better believe I’m going a bit crazy.

So, here are the Beautycounter items in my cart this holiday season!!

1. For the men: Counterman Fresh Essentials

When it comes to the men in my life they have no idea how to pick products. So every year I do the honors. This set makes it super easy for them to take care of themselves without having to do the guesswork of products and safe ingredients. It’s simple: wash your hair and your body and throw some deodorant on. You’re welcome.  

2. For the Moms: Ultimate Renewal Bath set 

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but I love teaching my mom and mother in law new things on the reg. (Shhh hopefully they won’t notice I just called them both old). Can’t wait to give them both a Christmas morning dry brushing tutorial once they open this set. It will be a two in one, comedy & clean beauty. It includes everything needed to unwind before (dry brush), during (body polish), and after bathing (hydrating body oil).

3. For the sister, sister in laws, aunts: Good Glow Body Duo 

When I want to give them both a pedicure/massage to tell them I love them, I’ll spare myself the details and gift them this set instead. Self care essentials for anyone who can use a little pampering.

4. For the teachers & caretakers- Hand Cream Trio 

With all the hand washing, these loving and caring hands need a little bit more TLC this year. A treat for the skin and the senses (scents in uplift, balance, and calm).

5. For the besties- Winter Warmth Duo 

A little something to remind her of our past girls trips together and favorite vacation memories. This duo gives her skin a “back from vacation” glow (that isn’t orange), paired with a complimenting cream eye shadow. It’s universally flattering for any skin tone!

Aaaaand that’s a wrap. Now I’m off to make sure these move from my cart to the pretty boxes on my doorstep.



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