Five simple ways to celebrate the holiday season

Don’t you love it when Facebook or your iPhone Photos app reminds you of pictures from the past? Because it’s the holiday season, I’m seeing all these pictures pop up of Jax with Santa, or Braedy opening gifts for the first time. When I am getting ready to sleep at night, I can’t help but look at these.

When I’m scrolling through those photos, I’m reminded that life is really pretty simple. And no matter the state of the world, there are few things that cannot be shaken. 

And right now, one of the things that can’t be shaken is my little family. We’re spending extra time together which can be both hard and amazing (anyone else?!). But as we look at this holiday season, there is lots of space to change up our routine and either continue or start some holiday traditions.

So, here are five ways my family is celebrating the Christmas season. They’ll break up the flow of work and school and give us some good ol’ quality time together. 

1. Getting a freshly cut Christmas tree

Since Jax was born, it’s been our family tradition to drive up in Silverado Canyon (OC) to pick out our Xmas tree and have it freshly cut down. Although we don’t live in OC anymore, we found a place locally here that offers a similar experience. We are excited to carry on this tradition with our growing family.

2. 12 Days of Christmas Giving

A couple of years ago we were given the book Secret Santas and as soon as I read it, I knew it was a tradition I wanted to start with my family. The book encompasses a heartfelt Christmas tradition of giving 12 consecutive days, that shifts the focus of Christmas back to giving. 

3. Snow trip!

Somehow snow just seems to make everything a bit more magical, and this season I am saying YES to all things magical. Although the snow is not that easy to maneuver Jax around in, she loves the thrill of a good sled ride. As Braedy gets older, we want both girls to have experiences and memories of things they loved doing as a family. So a trip to the snow is only fitting to celebrate this holiday season.

4. Decorate our new home with Christmas lights 

As we spend our first year in our new home, we have lots of new firsts to look forward to. Jonny & Jax have already planned out what the front yard design will look like and what type of lights will go where. Our yard wouldn’t be complete without a blow up of Santa Driving a red fire engine full of gifts. 

5. Christmas light drive

As much fun as it is seeing your own yard lit up with lights, it’s also fun to admire the handiwork of others. Each holiday season we drive around with the windows down & Christmas music blaring, looking at Christmas lights. While it might be too cold for the windows to be down, we are excited to discover our new favorite neighborhoods to adventure through in our new town. 

I hope you and your family make some great memories this season– and some new photos to scroll through next year.



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