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5 simple ways for busy moms to not go insane

I was supposed to have an office. 

Yep, when we moved into our house, I was going to have this gorgeous boho-themed office where I was going to move mountains and handle client work for hours, and then shimmy back into the living room to play with the girls and get dinner prepped.

Ahhhh, wouldn’t that have been AMAZING?

But that’s not how the story went. We’ve had distance learning for what feels like an eternity, and instead of using a cute office to get work done, I sneak away to a parking lot and answer emails from my car. (It’s a glamorous life, I know.)

This is life, right??? But look, as a mom to two kids, one with special needs, and another on the way, I don’t have time to waste being upset about the office I don’t have. 

I know this is life for SO many moms right now, so I wanted to first empower you that it’s OKAY to not have everything all together, including a cute Instagram-worthy office space. 

But even when it feels like everything is falling apart, there are a few simple things I do everyday that help me from going insane. Sure, helping Jax do school every day from 8-2 is rough and helping Braelynn get the attention she needs is always on my radar. But I can’t help either of them until I do just a FEW things to help  myself.

So, friends, here are five simple ways that busy moms can avoid going insane:

1. Coffee & Jesus 

I know I know, I’m rolling my eyes too. I know you are picturing some trendy mug you recently saw on IG ads that reads “All I need is coffee & Jesus” but seriously, it’s true. The days I start out with a hot cup of joe & some quiet time on the couch are the days I am most proud of who I was that day. My thoughts are centered and grounded in the truth– God’s word and his promises– not what I’m feeling or what I just saw on social media. 

2. Eat a legit breakfast

Ever since I was a little girl, the moment my feet hit the ground in the morning I was hungry. Nothing has changed over the years. My morning go-to is a homemade breakfast sandwich on a bagel with cream cheese. Give me those fresh eggs from our chickens, nitrate free bacon or applegate sausage, and some Dave’s killer bread and I’m ready to check things off my to-do list like it’s 1999 and I’m running circles around my friends at school. 

3. Actually put on makeup

If I have even 5 minutes to look in the mirror, I’m making sure these products are on:

  • Beautycounter Dew Skin #2 because it gives me that glow like I’m not just taking care of kids and answering emails.
  • My Beautycounter Brow Gel in medium to enhance my ever so dwindling eyebrows and give them a fuller, feathered look. 
  • And without a doubt curling my eyelashes with my rose gold Tweezerman eyelash curler. Even if the mascara doesn’t make it on that day, the simple curl of my eyelashes gives my eyes just the lift I need to look, you know, awake!

4. Wear clothes that make your butt look good

Let’s be real here, as moms our bodies take on a LOT. We take on boosters and kids and walkers and everyone’s leftover applesauce packets. We need to take care of our bodies, even if it’s simply what we WEAR! A few years ago I promised myself I would only buy items for my wardrobe if they made me feel good and look good. After a couple of key finds for my workout and comfy clothes (yes, PJs, too), I am feeling like a new woman. So even if I didn’t see anyone besides my kids all day long, I still felt awesome. Let me just say this: if your butt and legs look good, it’s worth the investment. Here are a few go-to items: Wildfox Roadtrip Sweater, Maternity tank, Lululemon leggings, Spanks leather leggings.

5. Showers optional

I know everyone has their own routine, but as a professional hair and makeup artist, I need you to hear me say that you DON’T need to wash your hair every day. Since showers don’t ever happen for me in the morning, I bust out my lavender EO deodorant wipes and then layer on my Primally Pure Deodorant (in Lemongrass or Blue Tansy). With these few minutes to myself in the mornings, I am ready to own my day!! 

Okay moms, we’ve got this. Yes, our house and world may be chaotic, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take care of ourselves. These five habits will give you that energy boost when the alarm goes off or your kid crawls in bed with you at 5 a.m. You’ve got this.



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